On Plan

They should give us nap time in the real world…

I’m exhausted and need a nap, I needed a nap like 3 hours ago too. I’m hoping once I get home and relax a little I’ll wake up enough to exercise because I really need to tonight.

I took off Saturday and Sunday so I really need to work out this evening. Especially since I ate terribly this weekend. I know what I did wrong, I tracked it and used a good chunk of my extra points for the week.

I am going to the grocery store tonight for some fruit, cereal (Uhm, hello peanut butter multi grain Cheerios where have you been all my life!), and some healthy snack and lunch options for the week.

In case you didn’t know this new Cheerios cereal is amazing. Sweet enough to feel like I’m having a treat but only 110 calories per cup. So good.

I’ve created a facebook page to go along with my awesome blog. I’m getting a lot of feedback from people who really like the name. I love it too. haha.

Anyways, I know part of the reason I’m feeling so tired is because I’ve eaten like hell and I didn’t exercise yesterday. Taking a day off is ok, but two days is apparently bad news. Send me good vibes this evening.

mmk? Thanks.

I think we’re going to end up with tuna sandwiches for dinner and I’m ok with that. I need something simple and some fruit will help me.

Have a great evening everyone.


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