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I’m a lucky girl!

Yesterday was an amazing day and one I will never forget!

To start from the beginning. My fiancee, EJ and I don’t have a lot of money and times have been tough. Since 2007, I’ve had a hard time finding steady work. In July of 2010 both EJ and I lost our jobs within 6 days of each other. We couldn’t afford to stay in our apartment and moved in with his Grandparents for the time being.

In January of 2011 I got a great job, that I am currently still at. I love my boss, co-workers and everything about it. EJ has dj’ing but it’s not steady and he’s having a hard time finding steady work.

Also in January of 2011 EJ’s Grandfather suffered his 3rd heart attack. We began to believe that moving to live with his Grandparents was a blessing as they told us Grandpa didn’t have long.

In July we got the terrible news that a friend of ours had passed away. We were devastated. He was far too young and healthy. It was completely unexpected and made our hearts very heavy for quite some time.

But we ended July on a positive note when EJ proposed to me 🙂 In September Grandpa got very sick and passed away 4 days before his birthday. Once again, another sad time for us but we knew he was no longer suffering and I had several dreams of him and knew he was ok.

We have been very helpful to his Grandma who is very grateful to have us living with her now while she tries to get back on her feet. I truly believe it was all meant to be.

In October, my sister got married and we went to Buffalo for a week for it. My Grandma Mary was too sick to make it to the wedding and EJ and I went to visit with her for several hours the day after the wedding. I knew she wasn’t feeling well because she wasn’t on facebook anymore. I called Grandpa in November to wish him a Happy Birthday and he said she wasn’t feeling real good, I told him I was going to send her a card. I did, and the next week she posted on facebook that she was feeling better. I called her on Thursday, and we chatted for a few minutes. The following Tuesday she passed away. First person that close to me that I have lost. It was difficult for me, especially since I couldn’t afford to go home for the services.

With all of this going on I had pretty much given up hope on having a wedding. We didn’t have the money to spend on it and even though it was something I had always dreamed of (ask EJ about how much I talk about weddings). But, being realistic I knew it was too much money to spend on one day when we could use that money for more sensible things like a bed.

On December 30th I saw a contest on facebook page to win a Wedding or Vow Renewal in Mexico! You needed to in 75 words describe why you wanted a destination wedding. This was my entry.

We would love to win because we love travelling. Our lives have been hectic with several close family member’s passing away, both of us losing our jobs and trying to get back on our feet. I’ve dreamed of a beautiful wedding my whole life and have pretty much given up on the chance to have one. We just don’t have the funds. Winning would make my dream and be a wonderful honeymoon for us.

While it may not be grammatically correct it got my point across. EJ almost made me change it but when I asked for what he thought I should be put he didn’t know. So I kept my original entry and entered us. After that starting Jan 1, I believe it was, you had 2 weeks to get your facebook friends to vote for your entry. Everyone could vote once every 24 hours. I sat diligently every night messaging everyone I knew to vote for us, so did EJ. My mom even helped. I created an event and invited everyone, and my friend Joey helped as well. I never thought I’d win but it was worth a shot, because, why not! The contest ended on the 14th.

Monday a local contest was going on. The one I won the daily prize for yesterday. (That awesome wedding dress hanger!) An hour later I sat down at my desk with my lunch and went to see if they had announced the winner of the wedding. Then I saw this:

We have an announcement… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!

Jennifer Beck, congratulations on winning our Free Destination Wedding or Destination Vow Renewal competition!

We will be in contact shortly with information on how to redeem your prize. Congrats!!!


After the shock and calling everyone important. I realized I was going to get an amazing wedding and honeymoon. For free.

Truly a dream come true. There’s nothing else I can say other than thank you to everyone who helped make this dream a reality.

I can’t wait to discuss the details with them this week. 🙂

Now, I need to save up for my dress!



PS. The scale says I’m down 2 pounds this week so far 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’m a lucky girl!”

  1. WOOT WOOT !!! CONGRATS, you so deserve an awesome day, both of you ! And congrats on the 2 lbs down. I’m sorry for all your losses, I’m sure it’s made you a stronger person. Thanks for sharing the awesome news with us !!

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