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A good loss this week!

I did it, after a few weeks of back and forth between 208 and 206 I broke it and today weighed in at 205.6.

A loss this week of 3.2
And a total loss of 16.2!

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! My 10% goal is 199.8. I AM SO CLOSE!

I want that 10% keychain!!!

In other news I went and picked out a wedding dress today. I felt really good in it, I’ll feel even better in it by the time September rolls around. 🙂

Now, I need to buy it. haha. Then I can start looking for jewelry to wear and sandals and some new spanx. Those are a must, and maybe a good bra.

I went to the olive garden with my good friend Joey this afternoon. I haven’t tracked yet but we did soup salad and breadsticks and shared some tiramisu. Thankfully I have all my weekly points to use. I’ll have to track later because I wanted to blog first! haha.

I wish I could show you all the dress but I don’t want to let the fiance see it!


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