On Plan, weight watchers

I gained, already? UGH

So, when I’m feeling good I often forget to track and pay attention to my food. And, I was in a really good mood this weekend and yesterday. I weighed myself this morning (I have to, it helps me stay motivated to keep going to see when I’ve done bad!) and I gained some weight back after such a good loss last week.

Where did I go wrong? I know what I did wrong, it’s not a question.

I didn’t plan ahead all weekend and just ate.
Yesterday, I ate a little too much for dinner. BUT, I did exercise on lunch and at home.

I’ve done well so far today and plan on measuring and really tracking my dinner. I also plan to dig out my 3 month tracker and use it the rest of the week and try planning ahead more often.

I hope to at least get back to where I was for my WW meeting by this week’s meeting.

I’ll see how much I gained tomorrow morning for sure.

In wedding news, I created a wedding blog for us, so, if you’re curious you can swing on over there and check it out. This way I don’t overload my healthy me blog with wedding stuff. haha.

Jenny and EJ’s Wedding Website!


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