On Plan

Lost the weekend weight!

I woke up and weighed myself as I usually do and the scale said 207  (my scale is 2 pounds more than the WW scale) SO, I’m back to my weight I was last Saturday!

WOO! I’m very excited. I didn’t work out as hard yesterday but I did walk for 30 minutes on my lunch and walked for about 40 minutes last night. The house was hectic so I couldn’t do what I usually do but, it was better than nothing.

I’m starting to get to the point where I feel guilty if I don’t exercise and that’s an amazing feeling in and of itself. That’s my non scale victory of the week and I feel awesome about it.

I ate pretty good yesterday. My dinner only put me 1 point over my daily and then I had a bowl of multi grain peanut butter cheerios and my exercise paid for those!

So, I feel pretty awesome and on track today. My meal plan for today:

Breakfast: I had a pack of weight control banana bread oatmeal and some fruit with 1tbsp of fruit dip.
Lunch: I have a lean cuisine pizza. I think it’s about 10 points.
Snack: I brought carrots, yogurt and string cheese and have the trusty stash of pretzels at my desk. So, depending on what I want I should be good!
Dinner: We’re having tuna sandwiches and EJ always makes them so good. He puts some onion, red pepper and seasons it so well. I love it. And we bought a corn and black bean side and we’ll have that with it too. I should have a decent day.

I plan to walk for 30 minutes on my lunch again and exercise this evening as well.

Anxiously waiting for my wedding coordinator to call me between 11 and 12!



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