On Plan, weight watchers


So, somehow I always manage to eat bad on the weekend. I don’t know if I’m thinking “YEA, I did so good this week I’m going to celebrate.”

Then I got to work extra hard during the week to make up for it. I need to quit sabotaging myself and really learn to manage my weekends better.

I’m for real going to try hard this weekend. We’re going to Columbus on Friday for the fiance to DJ and visit some friends.  So, I will unfortunately miss weigh in this week so I need to make sure I do well the rest of the week and into the weekend.

I’m hoping to bring some food with us so I’m not tempted to eat bad. I really do need to pull out my 3 month tracker and use that again to keep me on track for the weekends.

Any other ideas/tips to keep me on track on the weekends?

I also ate a bad lunch. But, I did track it and I plan to exercise for an hour this evening. I’ll get back right? I’m too determined to let a weekend of cravings and bad choices get me down!

In other news, I am SO close to “one-derland!” aka 199 lbs! I want to have a party when I reach that haha. But I can’t! I need to save our money for things we need for the wedding and engagement photos and weekend trips we have approaching!

Like my cute dress for our engagement photos in April? (sorry the coloring is wonky. the lighting sucked)

I get to see my niece this evening and I am excited.


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