I’m losing weight to be healthy

I have been out of it the past 2 weeks or so. I’ve been feeling pretty irritated, frustrated and etc. Everything has been bottling up inside with no one to talk to. Well it spilled over this morning and I let a lot of it out and talked to my sister. I feel slightly better. I need to see things written out I’m learning and hopefully I can do that tonight.

In other news we bought some great salad stuff and that’s what we had for dinner and what I have for lunch. We bought the 50/50 spinach/spring salad mix, black beans, corn, chinese noodle for some crunch, cheese, tomatoes and some light ranch. It’s so good.

I also did not buy any pop (soda for all you weirdos out there) this week. I’ve got bottled water and crystal light packets and green tea for home. I hope to break myself of the pop a day habit. I hope this week goes well.

My back is feeling better so I walked on my lunch yesterday and exercised for half an hour at home last night before I felt so tired. I can’t believe how much of a set back 2 weeks without exercise can do to you. I plan to walk on lunch today as well as this evening with EJ again.

I hope everyone is doing well. It’s only March so there’s still time to get back on track if you’ve strayed. This is something I keep telling myself. I have had to remind myself several times that I’m not just losing weight to lose weight. I’m changing my lifestyle to be healthier and physically fit. My motivation is improving my health. I have a DR visit in April and I want to lose at LEAST 15 pounds by then. I want to see that my blood levels have improved more and especially my blood pressure. I’m doing this to be healthy. I have to remind myself of this often and think everyone should think of it this way.
If you don’t know your cholesterol numbers or your blood pressure or your glucose numbers. Make it a goal to visit your doctor soon. It’s so important and so many people don’t care.

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A little motivation…

So, still not tracking but I hope to get back on track this week.

EJ and I were talking about our engagement photos which were scheduled for April 21st. We both love cherry blossom trees and any of the numerous flowering trees. Well, I was hoping they would be in bloom around April 21st but EJ said he’s pretty sure they wouldn’t be. I checked my facebook photos from last year and sure enough they were in bloom March 27th.

SO, we changed our photos to March 31st and so now I’m excited and hoping that this will get me motivated again. I’m going to try and lose 10lbs by then!

I’m hoping for an awesome week!!!


I need some motivation..STAT!

I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately. No motivation, energy and etc. Though, I did hurt my back while I was in Buffalo and was in pain for awhile. After 3 chiropractor visits it’s manageable. I need to stretch it, ice it and see the chiropractor once again when I get my next paycheck.

Food wise. I’ve been doing ok. I have been eating some candy and haven’t been paying attention. I weighed myself this morning and I was 206. That’s up 4 pounds.

I’ve got weight watchers in the morning and I’m going to go, knowing I gained some weight but hoping to sit through the entire meeting and gain some motivation and re-focus. If anyone wants to chat/motivate let me know!

In non weight news my wedding dress has come in! It’s beautiful! It’s at my friends house, maybe if I could keep it at home it would be the ULTIMATE motivation! But I don’t want to keep it at home. So, I ordered a dress to wear while we’re in Mexico. Just a thin jersey knit dress to be comfy in on the beach and around the resort. I’ve been thinking of hanging it up where I will see it everyday when I go get dressed to remind me of Mexico! I also just thought of making some sort of a chain countdown for Mexico to keep me motivated. I’ll have to think of something to make.


On Plan

Much needed weekend.

This weekend has helped me re-focus so much. I feel good and happy and calm. I had been stressed lately and frustrated. I have enjoyed seeing my parents, sisters and my sister Sheryl’s new home and puppy! It makes me want a puppy and house now haha.

I do miss my cat though haha.

Food wise: I’ve done ok. Not terrible but not the best either. I’ll weigh myself in the morning and see what I weigh. I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

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Rough week

I’ve been feeling pretty blah this week. I’ve been semi food focused. Not overeating or anything at all, actually I haven’t been that bad. Except we had Wendy’s for dinner last night.

I’m feel aggravated and am feeling like I can’t escape the chaos lately. We’re supposed to go to Buffalo this weekend to visit my family and so EJ can dj on Saturday evening but now, we’re not so sure of that. So I know that’s got me slightly down in the dumps.

If we don’t do that I demand to spend an entire day this weekend doing stuff I want to do. I wonder if he’ll go along with it. HAHA.

I also want to say thanks to those who still read, like and comment. You keep me motivated! So, THANKS! I wish I could get some more readers. Though, I might be kind of boring. What can I do to make it more awesome here?

On Plan

No weigh in for awhile. Need strength!

We didn’t have internet this past weekend forgive me for lack of an update!

We did go to Columbus for the evening though to visit some of our friends and the fiance had to DJ. So, I did not get to my usual Saturday morning WW meeting. I ate ok this weekend. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and still at 205.  That’s up 3 pounds from my last WW weigh in. It’s not bad, I know but it still sucks. I need to get to the grocery store to buy us some decent food! We don’t have much at home right now.

I also wanted an egg mcmuffin today and gave in to that. I need to walk on my lunch for sure and this evening.

We’re going to Buffalo, NY this weekend where I’m from and all of my family still is. EJ has to DJ there on Saturday so I get to see my family on Friday and Sunday for sure. I’m very excited to see my sister and her new puppy and home!

BUT I’m VERY nervous for eating. I feel like it’s near impossible to eat healthy there. I’m trying to make a plan so I don’t go overboard and either stay where I’m at OR hopefully lose a pound or 2 this week.

I hope to buy us some oatmeal for breakfast. Grab some yogurt for snacks and some fruit for us. Maybe even some lean cuisine’s for our lunches or some tuna sandwiches or something simple yet healthy and easy. That way dinner’s aren’t too bad for the day.

The following weekend is EJ’s birthday but I should still be able to hit up weigh in that day. So I have until then to turn things around.

Wish me luck!

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I ate a burger like you would not BELIEVE!

Last night the fiance and I went to this local quaint little beer/wine store. Now, I don’t drink but the fiance does so I’m the great amazing girl who goes with him!

Anywho, this food truck was going to be outside so we decided it would be our dinner. I had a very light lunch and breakfast yesterday to help offset the burger I was going to eat later.

I got the baddest burger I could get. It sounded SO good and I knew if I had it then I’d be happy and next time could be a little healthier with my food truck choice.

I got a 2/3lb double cheeseburger with bacon. Let me tell you it was the best damn burger I’ve ever put in my mouth. I scarfed it down. It was so amazing. I’d eat it again.

Anyways, like I said, I have gained a few pounds. This morning I was at 205. That’s 3 pounds up from last Saturday but I’m ok with it. I had oatmeal for breakfast, and my lunch is decent as well.

Greek yogurt, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots in a cheese sauce and my staple Big K Diet Cola. I’ve also got some baked cheetos, grapes and an orange if needed.

No weigh-in this week so I’ll be working hard to lose those 3 pounds again and maybe another pound or 2. We’ve been exercising nearly every night and I’ve been walking for 30 minutes on my lunch each day. It’s amazing how good you feel after exercising each day.

I’ve also accomplished 100 wall push-ups for the day so far! My arms will look awesome in that wedding dress if I have anything to say about it.