On Plan

No weigh in for awhile. Need strength!

We didn’t have internet this past weekend forgive me for lack of an update!

We did go to Columbus for the evening though to visit some of our friends and the fiance had to DJ. So, I did not get to my usual Saturday morning WW meeting. I ate ok this weekend. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and still at 205.  That’s up 3 pounds from my last WW weigh in. It’s not bad, I know but it still sucks. I need to get to the grocery store to buy us some decent food! We don’t have much at home right now.

I also wanted an egg mcmuffin today and gave in to that. I need to walk on my lunch for sure and this evening.

We’re going to Buffalo, NY this weekend where I’m from and all of my family still is. EJ has to DJ there on Saturday so I get to see my family on Friday and Sunday for sure. I’m very excited to see my sister and her new puppy and home!

BUT I’m VERY nervous for eating. I feel like it’s near impossible to eat healthy there. I’m trying to make a plan so I don’t go overboard and either stay where I’m at OR hopefully lose a pound or 2 this week.

I hope to buy us some oatmeal for breakfast. Grab some yogurt for snacks and some fruit for us. Maybe even some lean cuisine’s for our lunches or some tuna sandwiches or something simple yet healthy and easy. That way dinner’s aren’t too bad for the day.

The following weekend is EJ’s birthday but I should still be able to hit up weigh in that day. So I have until then to turn things around.

Wish me luck!


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