I need some motivation..STAT!

I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately. No motivation, energy and etc. Though, I did hurt my back while I was in Buffalo and was in pain for awhile. After 3 chiropractor visits it’s manageable. I need to stretch it, ice it and see the chiropractor once again when I get my next paycheck.

Food wise. I’ve been doing ok. I have been eating some candy and haven’t been paying attention. I weighed myself this morning and I was 206. That’s up 4 pounds.

I’ve got weight watchers in the morning and I’m going to go, knowing I gained some weight but hoping to sit through the entire meeting and gain some motivation and re-focus. If anyone wants to chat/motivate let me know!

In non weight news my wedding dress has come in! It’s beautiful! It’s at my friends house, maybe if I could keep it at home it would be the ULTIMATE motivation! But I don’t want to keep it at home. So, I ordered a dress to wear while we’re in Mexico. Just a thin jersey knit dress to be comfy in on the beach and around the resort. I’ve been thinking of hanging it up where I will see it everyday when I go get dressed to remind me of Mexico! I also just thought of making some sort of a chain countdown for Mexico to keep me motivated. I’ll have to think of something to make.



2 thoughts on “I need some motivation..STAT!”

  1. Wish I had some motivation to share. I have been so sick the last 2 weeks including spending Valentines day in the ER hooked up to machines all night. I haven’t tracked or watched anything as far as my diet goes… bad me I know, I was actually shocked when I went back to dr yesterday and found out I had lost 11 lbs in a week. NUTS !! my dr asked if I was not eating, but I have been eating, just drinking alot of fluids so I’m not sure how the weight got lost… definitely not the way I want to lost if I have to deal with this darn pain. Stay positive, you will find your groove, I’m still looking for my groove too.

    1. You can do it! Find something to keep you going. I ripped a page from one of my WW magazines and hung it in my closet so I would see it every morning while I get dressed. It just says “It’s a New Day”
      It’s so true. A new day, a new chance to change and do things differently. We can do it!

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