I’m losing weight to be healthy

I have been out of it the past 2 weeks or so. I’ve been feeling pretty irritated, frustrated and etc. Everything has been bottling up inside with no one to talk to. Well it spilled over this morning and I let a lot of it out and talked to my sister. I feel slightly better. I need to see things written out I’m learning and hopefully I can do that tonight.

In other news we bought some great salad stuff and that’s what we had for dinner and what I have for lunch. We bought the 50/50 spinach/spring salad mix, black beans, corn, chinese noodle for some crunch, cheese, tomatoes and some light ranch. It’s so good.

I also did not buy any pop (soda for all you weirdos out there) this week. I’ve got bottled water and crystal light packets and green tea for home. I hope to break myself of the pop a day habit. I hope this week goes well.

My back is feeling better so I walked on my lunch yesterday and exercised for half an hour at home last night before I felt so tired. I can’t believe how much of a set back 2 weeks without exercise can do to you. I plan to walk on lunch today as well as this evening with EJ again.

I hope everyone is doing well. It’s only March so there’s still time to get back on track if you’ve strayed. This is something I keep telling myself. I have had to remind myself several times that I’m not just losing weight to lose weight. I’m changing my lifestyle to be healthier and physically fit. My motivation is improving my health. I have a DR visit in April and I want to lose at LEAST 15 pounds by then. I want to see that my blood levels have improved more and especially my blood pressure. I’m doing this to be healthy. I have to remind myself of this often and think everyone should think of it this way.
If you don’t know your cholesterol numbers or your blood pressure or your glucose numbers. Make it a goal to visit your doctor soon. It’s so important and so many people don’t care.


2 thoughts on “I’m losing weight to be healthy”

    1. I would love to do some sports but I am nervous to join them as I’m not as good as everyone else. I don’t have the money to join a gym right now so I always walk on my lunch and that is my standard lunch everyday. I love walking on my lunch, it’s refreshing and I always feel better once I come back from my walk. In the evening’s my fiance and I have done pretty well. We typically exercise together. In the cold months we exercise in the living room while watching some tv. We have a stair stepper and some weights we use while walking in place, doing knee lifts and etc.
      In the warmer months we take our evening walks outside to several different parks, bike riding and etc. I make it a priority but these past 2 weeks have been rough between not being home, injuring my back and having a bit of a stomach bug.

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