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Heart Palpitations or something????

I have decided to try to go without diet pop. I’ve been told by many people, and have read on my own, how bad it is and how it doesn’t help weight loss.

I’ve become very dependent on it. So, this week, we did not purchase ANY diet pop. We have water, tea and crystal light. Monday I only had maybe 4 ounces of pop and that was the last I had any.

So, starting yesterday I started feeling a fluterring or something, sometimes in my chest. Didn’t hurt just, felt weird. Yesterday I attributed it to caffeine withdrawl.

Today,  I was still feeling it and decided to have some caffeine. I still feel weird so I called my DR and they want me to come in at 4. Now, I’m even more freaked out and I have to meet with a new DR today and since I’m nervous I know my blood pressure is going to be high. I can feel it in my body. It’s like I feel how nervous I’m making myself and feel my blood freaking out inside of me. But I guess I’d rather be safe than sorry. And, I know I won’t feel ok until it stops or a professional tells me I’m ok. Preferably the latter.

In other news I feel pretty proud of myself for giving up pop (soda for you other folks). I’ve felt tired a few nights and a lack of want to exercise because I’ve been tired. I’ve also eaten something bad yesterday and today attributing to my not losing any weight this week. I know this is just even more reason to keep it up and continue losing weight, eating healthier to a healthier, long life.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.



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