Motivation, weight watchers

Craving bad food?

So, I’ve been wanting junk food the past couple of days and it sucks. Because I’m not satisfied til I get some crap food in me.

I know all I can do is go home and eat a decent dinner. Exercise and go to sleep and do better tomorrow. Right?

I’m still doing really well on not having pop. I only want one sometimes. I haven’t gone to WW in a couple weeks and I think I’m going to go this week BUT I might not weigh in. I know I’ve gained like 5 pounds since my last weigh in and that sucks but I know I can get back to that if I focus hard enough. But I think if I go to WW and weigh in this week I’ll be even more motivated. I’m just so stressed right now it’s so hard to focus on losing weight when my mind is not in the game right now.

So, I guess that decides it…going to WW on Saturday and weighing in. I’m paying the monthly fee I might as well go and get my butt in gear right?



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