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Things are finally dying down

We’ve had a lot of things to do within the past 2 months. February and March was jam packed with weekend trips, EJ’s birthday and more!

We’re finally at the point where we don’t have anything planned until May 26th, our friend’s wedding reception in Louisville. Then after that, nothing until my bridal shower on July 15th.

All of this means it’s been weeks since I’ve been to weight watchers as well. Not to mention, I haven’t been tracking.

So, today, I plan to try and start tracking. I know my week might be a little off but I need to jump back on the tracks!

I’ve had a banana so far and have a pack of oatmeal too.
Lunch I have some rice with onions, green peppers and smoked turkey sausage.
Snacks I have a yoplait light yogurt with granola, WW string cheese, strawberries and blackberries and pretzels if I want something else.

5 months until my wedding! I have until July to lose weight and then stay close to that weight because I’m taking my dress in for alterations in July. 🙂

In any case, wish me luck to get back on track! I’m going to need some support!

Oh yea, here’s one of our engagement photos 🙂 I can link you to more if you would like.


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