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SO much going on…

I have a lot to say today, bear with me folks!

1st of all. As you all know I have had issues with my blood pressure. Without medication it has been too high for my doctor’s liking. SO, she sent me for an MRA, a scan of my arteries and etc. She called me yesterday with the results.
Most people have 2 renal arteries. One that goes to each kidney. I have 2 arteries that go to my left kidney and 3 arteries that go to my right kidney. The scan didn’t show her as much as she would like but she suspects that they are narrow and partly the reason for my high blood pressure. So now I have to go see a heart doctor (sounds so scary) and get a cardio angiagram, which is similar to an MRA except they will be injecting a dye into my veins for a better look at them. Then, if they decide my veins are too narrow I will need to have a surgery so they can put stints in my arteries to open them up to increase blood flow which would hopefully decrease my blood pressure to a normal level without medication.

I’m not looking forward to it. I think I’ll have to pay a few hundred for the MRA and the cardio angiagram is about $3800.00 after insurance. My health insurance deductible is $3000.00. So, this means I will have to pay $3000 this year. $3000 I don’t have. So, that’s another bill. How awesome. And if I have to have surgery I might as well do it all this year right? So, I’m a little frustrated/nervous about this.

I’m not even going to discuss how frustrating the home situation is (not EJ or anything). I’m really longing for our own place again. I want my own home to clean and decorate as I want. Soon enough though, it’ll happen. I know I just need to remain positive and be patient.

And weight wise. I’m about 4 pounds up I think. I’m going to weight watchers tomorrow for the first time in about a month. I did a little exercise the past 2 nights. I’m trying to get back into that routine of every night and I’m getting back to paying more attention to what I eat.

I’ll write more tomorrow after my weight watchers visit. I hope everyone has a good week!


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