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No, you’re really not hungry anymore Jenny…

I just finished my lunch a few minutes ago and I was pretty hungry still. I had a lean cuisine pizza with roasted veggies on it. I REALLY wanted to go back into the kitchen and cook up one of my smart one cheeseburgers.

BUT I decided to snack on a special K chocolatey pretzel bar instead and drank some water. Now, I feel satisfied.

In hindsight I probably could’ve done without the special K bar but it’s so good! I just hopefully won’t need much of a snack later.

I exercised last night finally and man did it feel good. I want to walk on my lunch but I kind of have a lot of things to do at work so I’ll just have to make sure I do an hour tonight. I’m going to try and work out during Glee! (Yea, I’m a nerd.)

In other news I’m working on my photography skills this weekend and will be taking some senior photos for my best friend’s sister. I’m excited. I’ll share some photos when they’re done!


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