30 by 30, Life & Me, Losing Weight

30, no 29 by 30…..ONE DOWN!

30 by 30:
So, on my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 I can cross one off!

11. Get a paying photography job. I am currently working on building up my photography portfolio. I am offering my services for free while I learn. I hope to get a paying gig sometime this year

WOO! I took pictures for this guys retirement party and got paid $60! It’s not much BUT it’s awesome! haha. 29 left! I should be able to start accomplishing things more now!

My wonderful fiancee starts work on Monday! I’m so proud of him and excited for the things we will be able to do! I hope to cross some more items off my list this summer!

I’m doing slightly better. Except yesterday, I was bad yesterday. I didn’t weight myself this week yet to know where I stand. I might as well wait and go to weight watchers on Saturday. I’m trying to do better, I want to feel as comfortable as possible in my wedding dress! I know once we are both working and are able to buy groceries more often I will be able to eat a lot better and that will help me a lot.

I need to get back into my routine of exercise for 30 minutes on lunch and an hour every evening. I did about 30 minutes last night but not on lunch. I plan to do both today and hopefully I’ll keep it going again. It’s hard when you have a lot to do and you want to have relaxation time. But, I know it’s a sacrifice and I just need to remember in the end it’ll be worth it.


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