Exercise, Motivation

Need motivation/money/schedule! HELP!

So, I’m lacking a lot of things lately but am hoping that things are about to get back on track!

EJ started a new job yesterday therefore we are both on the same schedule which is helpful. I’m hoping this will allow us to form a schedule. We hope to bring workout clothes with us to work, leave them in the car and go directly to the park or gym to workout immediately after work together.

I’m going to weight watchers on Saturday and hope to be able to do so regularly for the next few months. I have 3 months, to the day, before Mexico and I want to look as awesome, no, I want to FEEL as awesome as possible!

And once we start having 2 incomes coming in again we will be able to buy all the healthy food we so need!

Things are looking up!

I had a lite sausage, egg and cheese muffin (Kroger brand) for breakfast. A banana and some goldfish crackers a little while ago for a snack.

I’m going to take my lunch at 12 and plan to walk for about 40 minutes and spend the remaining 20 eating my lunch and maybe reading a book.

I’m also awaiting the arrival of my fancy new pedometer that I can plug into the computer! I got it through my health insurance but I hope I can sync it to some other apps or something. I’ll have to do some research or purchase one that can.

How is everyone’s Tuesday shaping up?


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