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Good news!

Well, I had my Dr visit with the cardiovascular Dr last week.

All day long I was freaking out. Totally a nervous Nellie, jittery hands, no appetite, etc.

First of all, I get there and am surprised I didn’t start having heart palpitations or something from the exuberant cost of my “specialist” co-pay of $55.00. OH JOY! The nurse even commented on the large price tag.

Then, I get in there and she goes to take my blood pressure. I tell her, it’s going to be high because I’ve been freaking out all day. She takes it, and it seems rather quickly and then takes the cuff off and announces “110/72”  NURSE SAY WHA????!!!!

She puts the cuff on the right arm and announces “112/75”, I exclaim (in my head-of course) “SAY WHA! THAT’S NORMAL SHIT RIGHT?? RIGHT??” but really, I said, that’s normal right?”

She tells me that yes, in fact both my readings are at a perfect level. I am practically dancing with excitement until my Dr comes in. I can’t even imagine the hellish things I’m going to hear about having this invasive procedure that will no doubt make me cringe and cry like a baby when I receive the bill, even after my insurance were to pay their measley little amount.

So, DR comes in, asks about what led me to being in his office. I explain my high blood pressure issues and the one day it was SCARILY high and then medicine DR K has put me on and how I’m on weight watchers and trying to exercise and etc.

He then says “well, from what I can see your blood pressure is controlled with this medication. I see no reason to proceed with the procedure at this time providing you stay on the medication and remain having a normal blood pressure readings.”


So, no, I will not need that angiogram after all, BUT, I do need to start taking my blood pressure readings and keeping track of them. I’m definitely getting used to getting it taken and no longer freak out.

So, I’m trying harder now than I have been the past few months. I’ve got a wedding dress I need to look phenomenal in!


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