My Health

Doing some research…

So, since I need to take my blood pressure readings and keep track of them. I looked up normal levels and etc. I was shocked to see how my blood pressure readings were classified before medication.

When I went to the DR the day I felt as though I was having heart palpitations my blood pressure was so high I could’ve had a stroke. I had NO idea it was that bad. That’s honest to goodness terrifying to think about! I commend my DR and their nurses for remaining calm and not letting me know the severity of it at the moment. I’m sure had it been life threatening they would have done something.

But, they did their best to calm me down. Took some tests and sent me on my way with a prescription. I hate to think what might have happened had I night had the mindset to call my DR’s office that day.

I’m trying to do better and I think I have been. I didn’t exercise yesterday but I did do a lot of other work (editing photos) that needed to be done. So, hopefully tonight I’ll exercise and suffer through the heat with my water in hand. Maybe I’ll just work out at home in front of the tv if it’s too bad.

I need to read articles every day to remind myself of what could happen if I don’t continue changing my bad habits. I need to get healthy, there is NO option.

And if it takes awhile I’m ok with it but I am going to keep on going and trying my best to get healthy.


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