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Back on the wagon.

So, weight loss isn’t the easiest thing. Remembering to track when life gets hectic is often times dismissed.

With the chaos of the wedding and the receptions I’ve gained some weight and haven’t been paying attention to everything that goes into my mouth. And, I haven’t been blogging or exercising daily.

Well, I’m back! I went to my weight watchers meeting on Saturday morning. I accepted the weight that was there and told myself it was ok because I was at my meeting. I was making a commitment to get back on track. I woke up early enough, I went, I stepped on the scale, I stayed for the meeting and I participated. I wrote down every single little thing that I ate all weekend. Granted, it’s not pretty. In 2 days I’ve managed to eat my daily points, plus my 49 weekly points and 17 more. That means I need to work my butt off this week. I need to track everything and stay within plan and I need to exercise a lot to make up for those points if I plan on losing any weight this week.

We went grocery shopping last night and I feel we stocked up on some good healthy choices. I just need to remember to measure out my dinners. I always seem to have trouble there. I also want to try and remember to eat more of the protein filled items at dinner. I’m so used to trying to balance my dinner out that I forget that I should eat a little more of the protein and less of the starch in order to fill fuller longer.

I’ve set some goals for this week and I’m going to try hard to stick to them. I think I might write them down on a sticky note and post it at my desk too.

Goals for the week of 11-3-12 through 11-9-12
1) Measure dinners so I know exactly how much I’m eating.
2) Drink a glass of water before dinner.
3) Exercise for 30 min during lunch and at least an hour in the evening.
4) Track everything.
5) Attempt to find a community to participate in on sparkpeople or weight watchers.

Wish me luck!


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