On Plan

One lucky girl.

I am truly a lucky girl.

My husband took me to the mall yesterday because he said I needed to be with him when he got my Christmas gift. He walked me to the jewelry store and said “I want to buy you a wedding band for Christmas.”

We didn’t have the money for one for me when we got married so I’ve had a cheap ring (and the stones keep falling out) that I got on amazon for $25.

I was so excited. I didn’t even think I’d get a real wedding wing for several years. It means a lot to me and to him. I like the idea of our wedding bands connecting us every day.

Then we went to spend the evening with some friends and their parents who have always treated us like part of the family. We had a wonderful dinner and talked and had a great evening. It truly felt like Christmas. Ever since my parents got divorced and I’ve moved here Christmas hasn’t felt the same. This year has been nice though. Aside from not being able to see my family it’s been a great Christmas. I got my husband some nice things as well as the family. Nothing big but they’re still nice.

But most of all spending the time with our friends and family and seeing everyone is what made me so happy. My husband is a truly amazing man who loves more than I ever thought someone could love me. He makes me feel so loved and I’m truly lucky to have him.

Merry Christmas!


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