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I weighed myself this morning…

My last weigh in was January 5th at Weight Watchers. Since I haven’t had the time to go and have had to quit going to ww to save on money I haven’t weighed myself in awhile. To be honest, I was REALLY nervous. But, I knew I needed to weigh myself to know where I stood. So, this morning I did it and Continue reading “I weighed myself this morning…”

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Money’s tight…

So, we’ve moved into our own place and we love it. I love having my own place. Making it my own to reflect mine and EJ’s style’s and personalities. But, I’m broke now. This is something that’s been bugging me for a little while. So, this week, I’ve done a lot of thinking and tried my hardest to figure out the best course of action… Continue reading “Money’s tight…”


Planning my weekend crafts….

Well, now that we have our own place and I’ve taped up the credit cards and put them away until we can put a nice chunk of change on them. The apartment is looking great! I promise to take some photos this weekend with my camera of everything. Especially since it’s a little messy at the moment.

I’ve been trying to incorporate several things into my daily routine: makeup, hair and moisturize. I’ve been really good about moisturizing but not so much using my eye moisturizer. I’ve been really bad at doing my hair before work. Then, I go to work and hate looking in the mirror because my hair looks so lifeless and limp and then I don’t have any makeup on and I look even worse!

Yesterday I did my hair and put makeup on, today too and wow! what a difference!
Here’s a photo of my without hair done or make up on:
382004_975855550925_1662417975_nAnd here’s one with makeup and hair done:2013-01-24_07_51_40


I found this wonderful blog and the woman has great tips and tricks for hair and makeup! It’s totally empowered me. Check it out: http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com

In other news I am going to make a magazine holder for our bathroom this weekend so I’ve been searching the internet for ideas. I promise photos!

I’m also thinking of updating my banner and colors this weekend. I am excited but dread it at the same time. I’ll have tons of ideas and probably get frustrated because I can’t figure out how to do what I want to do.

In other news I bought some new hair products and am eager to use them in the morning!

Off to finish watching Glee!

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My desk!

I forgot to share a picture of my desk I’m working on!

It was painted black with a terrible creamy laminate on top and on the edges. Well, the edges were cracked and broken so, I took a hammer to the edging and took it all off.

I sanded the edges and then made my way to Home Depot to find something to put there. I called my Dad and he told me to look for iron on edging/veneer. I found it. Took it home and it worked like a charm!

I then sanded the top of the desk (the laminate) to make it easier to paint and painted it gray. I left the base black and painted the drawers blue to match the accent wall in my bedroom. Now, I’m trying to find knobs/handles that I like for it. I love it!


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Relationships and making them work…my opinion

There are things I feel very passionate about and I wish I could fix everything!

There are many things I’ve learned that I wish I could impart onto my friends and family and truly have them hear what I’m saying and take it and use it in their daily life.

I’ve been with my husband since July 21, 2004. Yes, folks that is nearly 9 years. I know how to make a relationship work because I’ve done it (obviously with the help of my husband.) There are MANY things I’ve learned along the way.

  • Sometimes you need to leave him alone when he says “Leave me alone.” This is a hard one for me but I’m acknowledging it and I try my hardest to do this!
  • Communication, communication, communication. If you don’t talk and don’t voice your problems, your problems will always remain problems and things will never change.
  • Have fun. Life is tough and you need to remember to take time out and do something fun together once in awhile. It helps you enjoy each other and can help you re-focus your mind.
  • Be honest. Nothing is gained, only lost from the lack of honesty in a relationship.
  • Compromise. I married an only child who got nearly everything he wanted growing up. This has been an interesting one.
  • Spend time apart. It’s ok to want time away from your significant other, and it’s totally healthy. I love spending time with my friends and family on my own. I also love when he send me messages when I’m out telling me to be careful or have fun.
  • Find hobbies you enjoy together and alone. EJ and I love to travel, try new foods, go to the farmers market here, movies, concerts, parks and more. I love photography and crafting. EJ loves video games and djing. I support him and he supports me.
  • Did I mention communication? 🙂

Every relationship has its ups and downs. The key to weathering those ups and downs is how well you work together and how much you want your relationship to work. Being in a relationship is a full time job. You have to work to keep it strong and healthy and happy. I love my husband and we work together to continue our strong relationship. 533325_834830825605_1129066577_n

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New week! Let’s go!

Well, I did not go to weight watchers or the gym on Saturday morning like I had planned. But, I was very productive. I gave away some things I no longer needed and had to meet the people so I went and did that Saturday around 1.

Then I came home and did some laundry and cleaned up some more around the house. EJ and I went to kroger and bought us some awesome lunch and watched some tv while we had lunch together.

EJ went to the Marilyn Manson concert on Saturday night and I stayed home and painted this small shelving unit I have. It’s the perfect height to sit by a window for my Christmas cactus from my Grandma Mary, who passed away last year. I love it, every time I look at it, it reminds me of her and her caring loving and infectious spirit.  I am doing everything I can to keep this plant going! So far, so good.

I may have to move it to a different window, but I’ll give it a few weeks and see how it does in the kitchen.

Anyways, I painted my shelf white. It was black and greenish teal. It looks much cleaner white.

Sunday I got the paper and checked for coupons and then headed out to run some errands. I picked up a new couch cover, some clocks, swiffer duster, a nice bin for our wii controllers and some veneer iron on edging for my desk.

I have this awesome desk and dresser. They’re from ethan allen. My old landlord gave them to us. They were a very ugly dark teal color. I’ve started on my desk. The base of the desk is black and the top was a cream colored laminate that I HATED. Part of the edging of the top was breaking off soo, I took a hammer to it and took the entire edging off. So, I needed something to go there. I called my awesome father and he told me to look for some iron on edging. I found it, I bought it and I applied it! It worked like a charm! I painted the top and edging gray. I am going to paint the drawers of my desk next. Debating on which color though. I primed one drawer last night…thinking blue to match the bedroom or green because it’s my favorite color. We’ll see!

I am back on track today. I am going to start myself into a routine again this week. I want to lose some of this weight I re-gained before I go to the doctor on February 19th. I can do it!


Need routine in my life again!

Things have been chaos lately. With us moving and the house in disaray. My evenings have consisted of dinner and cleaning/organizing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to organize. It’s weird. I love creating places for everything now that I have the space to do so. (I did not enjoy organizing, living with family, as I had nowhere to put anything/organize..my husband will attest to this.)

Anyways, I’m not tracking and I’m not exercising (although if you consider all the lifting and up and down stairs I’ve been doing unpacking then maybe…). I am eager to get back on track.

In fact, I’m so excited to go grocery shopping this weekend for the next week. Why? Because I know that the only food I will be eating is what I buy, bring home and cook. There will be NO outside influence on what I’m eating. As much as I love Grandma and her cooking. Let’s be honest, it’s NOT very healthy. It was hard to come home and if she had made dinner to resist for several reasons. I didn’t want to upset her because I know she worked hard to make us food and it smelled DELICIOUS!

My friend Pam told me to give Aldi’s a try this week as they have some new healthy food lines. So, I am. My goal is to buy enough food for the week for as cheap as I possibly can.

I’m also excited to be able to get back into an exercise routine in the evenings. I miss that energy it gives me in the morning. In fact, there’s a planet fitnes gym about a 3 minute drive from my home. I’m going to go on Saturday morning and check it out. $10 a month. I can handle that! Worthy cause too!

I will also go to weight watchers on Saturday morning. My leader is fabulous. She keeps me motivated and excited. My meetings give me hope that I can do this. I know I can, I just need to stop making excuses and stop worrying about other things and people and focus on me.

I am not losing weight to be pretty (I mean, I’m already gorgeous!) I need to lose weight because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and losing weight will help with that, and be better when I’m ready to try and have a baby.
I’m losing weight because I have high blood pressure.
I need to exercise to help me have more energy, feel better about myself and help my blood pressure.
I’m changing my eating habits because I don’t want heart disease!

I KNOW I can do this! I keep this quote on my desktop for me to see at all times:

No matter what you think, no matter how you feel, the truth is you CAN do this!


Reliving the past

So I love to write and don’t do it nearly as much I would like. I’ve been thinking about writing a book but haven’t the slightest idea on what I want to write about. Should it be a memoir? Or maybe a fictional book based on my childhood? But am I interesting enough to write a book?

So I started jotting down memories and got quite a laugh from some of them.

Growing up my sister Sheryl and I had 2 really great friends; Caity and Nicole. The four of us always hung out together. When I started writing down these memories I realized nearly all of them had one or both of them in it! So, I’m going to share a couple with you today.

So here goes nothing!

  • Once we stole a hymn book from the church so we would have the words to all the songs. But we felt guilty and put it in the church’s mailbox to return it.
  • There was this broken fence at the top of our street. The structure of the fence remained but the chain link was gone. So it was just this bar that you could use to hang on, gymnastics style. We would yell to our parents “I’m going to the bar!” I never realized how funny that sounded ’til we got older.
  • Caity’s sister used to pretend to be possessed and chase us with a cheese grater that looked like a mini axe.
  • We had this touch lamp that used to ficker all the time. Sheryl and I used to think it was a ghost so we would ask it things like “are you grandma?” and if it flickered it was. One time George Washington was in our house. No joke.
  • Sheryl and i were supposed to be in bed and we were crawling around in the living room because dad put us to bed WAY too early. 7pm in the summer. UHM THE SUN IS STILL OUT AND PEOPLE ARE STILL PLAYING! and sheryl hit her nose on the flickering lamp and started bleeding everywhere. Dad was so pissed at us.
  • We used to sneak into the church at the top of our street and watch weddings. I loved it.

I have so much more but that’s enough for today.

On Plan

Some weeks just suck.

So this week is just total shit. Nothing is going right, people are being assholes to me. I just….ugh.

Some people are just rotten, mean spirited assholes. I’ve been made to feel like shit several times this week and it’s only Tuesday night.

I hate not being able to talk to someone when you really need it and they don’t ask how you are and always seem to put me in the back of their mind.

I miss having friends who want to hang out and just chill and talk and watch tv together.

Sometimes I just need someone to listen and I don’t always have that.

I don’t have a lot of money but I think I’m a pretty good friend. I just wish people would ask me to hang out or talk to me.

I’m just having a bad week and hope it’ll pass soon…

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Hello 2013 & I gained some weight.

Like most people I gained some weight this holiday season. But, I embraced it, knew that there was nothing I could do about the past and only my future.

I got up Saturday morning (early since it was the first WW meeting of 2013) and headed to weight watchers. I weighed in and knew I’d gain, and that’s fine. I stayed for the meeting, I listened and made a friend.

I’m determined to make 2013 the best year yet. My husband and I are moving into our own place this weekend and I KNOW this will help me tremendously. I am going to be able to be on track because I can only eat what I buy and I buy healthy food. No outside influences anymore! So, starting this Saturday it’s game on! I’m going to kick some major butt in losing weight. I have the space to exercise and the will to win!

In other news, work is so hard in the morning because someone in my area brings in crazy foods for breakfast that make me think I’m hungry even though I’m not. It’s KILLING me. I am trying to forget about it soo I’m going to go immerse myself in work!