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My desk!

I forgot to share a picture of my desk I’m working on!

It was painted black with a terrible creamy laminate on top and on the edges. Well, the edges were cracked and broken so, I took a hammer to the edging and took it all off.

I sanded the edges and then made my way to Home Depot to find something to put there. I called my Dad and he told me to look for iron on edging/veneer. I found it. Took it home and it worked like a charm!

I then sanded the top of the desk (the laminate) to make it easier to paint and painted it gray. I left the base black and painted the drawers blue to match the accent wall in my bedroom. Now, I’m trying to find knobs/handles that I like for it. I love it!



3 thoughts on “My desk!”

    1. I figured hobby lobby would be a good place! haha. I’ve got to seal it still. I have a couple things I could seal it with. I might just use some mod podge though. What do you typically use?

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