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FRIDAY! PLEASE be good to me!

I’m having a really rough week and I can’t wait to spend my Saturday doing whatever I want.
EJ is having a friend over tomorrow to play video games and play music. So, I’m going to do whatever I want. Currently that is: going to a photography meet-up tomorrow morning. I’m hoping the snow is planning on staying around so I can try for some pretty outdoor snow shots. I haven’t had the chance to really go out and play and take some good wintry photos. If I’m feeling up to maybe stop at Eden park for some more wintry photos. I wish I had a couple to photograph tomorrow there. I bet it would make for some cute engagement style photos.

I might also make some soup in the crockpot. Hungry girl’s email today contained several really awesome sounding recipes.

Otherwise I will veg out with my cat. She’s not feeling good I guess. I woke up to a couple cat vomit spots in the house and she wasn’t her usual annoying morning self. So, I’m going to see how she is tonight and keep her close by tonight and see how she’s doing tomorrow. If she’s not any better I might take her to the vet.

I promise to motivate myself to do some exercise this weekend as well. I want to try and make it part of my routine again. I know it’s important!

So, hopefully Friday will be good to me and it will go by fast and I will get a lot of work done.
Let’s also hope Scrappy (our cat) is feeling better when we get home from work.
And, let’s hope the snow sticks for some pretty wintry photos tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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