Life & Me

Music makes me happy.

Been doing good with the exercising. Walked on lunch on a warm 50 degree sunny day. I turned on the New Found Glory channel on my spotify and it made my walk so amazing. It was like I was 19 without a care in the world.

It’s amazing how music can affect your mood. I was having an ok day but when these songs came on, wow. Especially my favorite band, New Found Glory. They’ve been my favorite since I was 16 years old. I’ve seen them live about 25 times.

Everyone has someone or something that’s always been there for them and New Found Glory has always been there for me. They’re all around the same age as me and I think that helps me relate to their music so much. The music is so upbeat and fun. It’s impossible to not be in a good mood after listening to them. I like music that makes me happy and that I can sing a long with.

I just wish I could thanks all of these bands that helped me through my awkward high school and even college years. Especially college. So much changed in those years and that’s when I needed it. It’s what I relied on every day.

So, thanks New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Blink 182, The Starting Line, Movielife, Allister, Fenix TX, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, the Ataris, Homegrown, Midtown and etc….


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