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Planet fitness + me = strained abdominal muscle wall.

Who strains their abdominal muscle wall? This girl apparently. Let me back track…..

Last Thursday I went and joined a gym. I love it. I feel really good going there. I went Thursday, skipped Friday because I wasn’t feeling well, went Saturday and Sunday. Skipped Monday because we usually go to the grocery on Monday’s. Then Tuesday, I’m at work and I was doing great then mid afternoon I started to feel a cramp in my side.

The kind you get from walking/exercising too fast. I didn’t think anything of it at first but it got progressively worse. Tuesday evening was terrible. I was crying in pain a lot. I went to bed early that night. Wednesday morning I felt ok, got dressed and went on to work. About an hour into work and I was in pain, crying, hard to breathe. Just terrible. I told me boss I was leaving for the day. I couldn’t take it.

I went home and laid on the couch with my cat. I slept for 4 hours and felt ok. Got up, cleaned a bit, picked up EJ and came home and tried to relax. Later in the evening I was hurting some more.

This morning I got up and felt ok, went to work and called the DR. I went, she confirmed my pulled muscle and told me to stretch, take ibuprofen, use a heating pad and keep exercising.

I went back to work, came home, cooked dinner and actually feel ok now.

I did not exercise, I plan to lay down in bed and read. I’ll work out tomorrow though.

In other news, I tracked my food religiously today. After my snack I only went over slightly in my calories. Not bad, not bad at all. I’ve got some tea and I’m relaxing.

I’m really excited for Saturday, I am taking a photography class! I can’t wait! I hope to learn a lot!

I also might see my step mom this weekend! She’s coming to Cincinnati with some family of hers and I’m hoping we can meet up!

Otherwise I plan to relax this weekend, clean the apartment, do some laundry and exercise.

I hope to continue with this good streak (minus the muscle strain!)

I’m also hoping to have some good news next week! Keep your fingers crossed!

I hung out with this little girl on Saturday….she’s pretty much the best 2 year old ever.

Joy helping me shop!


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