So, I’m trying win me a new camera and I know it’s a long shot, but, you never know!

So! Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

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So much to be thankful for.

I’ve been slacking at blogging and I apologize. Life has gotten in the way thanks to the warm weather!

In the beginning of the year I reached out to lots of photographers wanting to become an assistant. AKA I’ll do anything for no pay if you can tolerate my dumb questions! One photographer was really busy at the time, rightfully so – her photos are great and she’s one of the best in the city. Others ignored me but, one reached out to me. We met and in the past few weeks I’ve followed her around at 3 different weddings. With plenty more to come.

This weekend she had 2 weddings and not only did I get to watch her do her thing and help out a lot but I also got to spend time with those assisting her. It was really great to see how they think and their thought process as the day progressed.

I’m just an assistant, running errands for them, getting things she needs and etc. But, it’s worth it. I have really enjoyed working with them. It’s so wonderful. I’m so inspired being around them and being there. I know I have a long ways to go with my skills but I have hope that I can do this and I plan to work as hard as I possibly can to improve.

It’s nice having someone take time out of their busy schedule to answer my questions.

But, in all honesty, the best part is meeting all these wonderful people who have a similar passion!


In other news, I really need to kick my butt a little harder on the weight loss front!


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I suck….

I’ve been so terrible lately. Still having trouble getting back on track. Though I think I’m doing better than I was 2 weeks ago.

I’ll try to remember to weigh myself in the morning and see where I stand. I really wish I had the extra money to continue with weight watchers. It truly helps me lose weight, why can’t I do it on my own??? I’m going to try really hard though. I just need to keep myself from eating too much, and from eating bad things. I am going to try something a friend of mine does. Every day of the week except Saturday she behaves. But Saturday is cheat day. I’m going to try this. Starting today. I kept track of everything I’ve eaten and I exercised.

I’m hoping this will be helpful and will keep me motivated.