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So, for the past 10 months I tried to do it alone and I failed. I admit it. I can’t lose weight on my own.

A few things to share:

  • I’ve started a new job and I love it. I love the place, the company, the people and the job itself.
  • I’ve gained all the weight I lost, back. I weighed 223.8 at weigh in on Saturday.
  • I’ve learned I can’t lose weight on my own, I need support and lots of it.
  • I’ve grown SO much with my photography skills and am on my way to being a great contender!

So, let me tell you the kick in the pants this time. I’ve started a new job and I love it. So, on Halloween I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and thought I looked cute. But lately, I’ve started to really notice how much weight I’ve gained. I was in the break room and one of my co-workers asked if I was pregnant. There is no good way to tell him so I just said “No, I’m just big. I’ve gained some weight recently and it all unfortunately sits in my belly.” I could tell he was mortified and he tried to cover and I told him not to worry. I walked back to my desk, cried, threw out the plate of food I had just gotten from the break room and promptly went to and signed up again.

I cried and was talking to my husband and told him I really need him to support me.

In the past 10 months I’ve learned that just by having a gym membership it does me no good. I need support. I need people to encourage me and people to pick me up when I’m down and tell me to keep going. And going to weight watchers meetings gives me that. I also have my sister and my mom and a few friends. My sister is definitely my biggest cheerleader. I’m so thankful for her.

So, here we go again, I’m hoping this is it. This time I will follow through!