On Plan


So, I figured it out. Summer. Summer is my own personal devil. It’s when I find it the hardest to stay on track. For several reasons. 

  1. Wedding Season. I’m a wedding photographer. Spring-Fall are my busy seasons. I can usually hold it together for most of spring. But, come July I find myself losing concentration and focus on healthy eating and exercise.
  2. It’s nice out. We go out, do stuff and eat whatever and wherever. Therefore, off plan, and, I won’t track!
  3. Vacations. I went home to visit my family. I was kind of good. But, not 100%
  4. I’m not planning because I’m busy and, or, lazy.

So, today, I’m declaring myself back! I weighed myself this morning for the first time in over a month. I brought my weight watchers key chains with me to work today, sitting in plain view to remind me to be good! 

And, I’m blogging! Blogging keeps me focused and also helps me with my need to write. I may start a new more personal type blog. We’ll see. 

I know I need to start setting some goals again so, here are my goals for the next week:

  1. I’m free tomorrow and plan to go to my weight watchers meeting at 10. I also plan to stick around after the meeting to sit through the beginners info again. I find that helps when I’ve really gone off the tracks. 
  2. Go to the gym at least 3x this week.
  3. Start tracking everything again. EVERYTHING.
  4. Plan out my meals for the week and write them down on the fridge for both me and my husband to see.

I can do those. and I will! I’m also going to spend some time browsing pinterest and reading some articles on sparkpeople to help me get focused and motivated again! I can do this!


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