Weight loss, diet, healthyI’m Jenny, but, my friends call me Jenny Bomb. I’m losing it, and by it I mean weight, bad habits and sometimes my sanity!

I’m nearly 30 years old and am slowly (and finally) figuring out what I want to do with my life!

A few things about me for your viewing pleasure:

1.) What do you want to do with your life? SO MUCH! Travel! Have children, become a good photographer, a better writer, someone who saves money but doesn’t worry too much.

2.) Where have you traveled and where else do you want to go? In the country I’ve been to Chicago, San Francisco, NYC and New Orleans. I want to see LA, Las Vegas, Chicago (again), NYC (again), Universal Studios (Harry Potter World!), San Diego, Seattle, Portland.
Outside of the country I’ve been to Toronto (several times), Riviera Maya – Mexico (Got married!), and Tokyo/Kyoto Japan! I want to see London, Greece, Hawaii, India and Thailand!

3.) What do you do now? I work in a marketing department for a great company. On the side I work to improve my photography and writing skills.

4.) Where do you live? I live in Fairfield, OH. A small city outside of Cincinnati, about 25 mins away. I live with my husband, EJ and our black cat with no tail and a personality the size of a giant, Scrappy.

Me and EJ and Scrappy!
Me and EJ and Scrappy!

5. ) Where are you from? I am from Buffalo, NY! Born and raised and LOVE my hometown! GO SABRES!


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Jenny! I’m TaraLynn from the Weight Watchers online site. i am sooooo glad i found your blog! you are an inspiration to me for sure. i also have high bp and PCOS and i struggle daily with my lifestyle change. Congrats on the big wedding win! 🙂

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