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Down 10lbs!

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the better part of 10 years. For some reason though, this time I feel different. I feel like, more people are behind me and rooting for me. I feel like I know how to make better food choices that don’t make me feel deprived or left out.

I think it took me awhile to find my winning combination. I’m beginning to think my winning combination is a long one. I think my winning combination looks something like this Weight Watchers + Planet Fitness + Bad checkup at the dr + wanting to live long and have children + amazing support from friends and family = my success.

Progress! I weighed myself Monday and yesterday and both days I was 215.4! That’s down exactly 10lbs since Dec 21st! I couldn’t believe it! I am so excited and so happy. The encouragement I get from my DR, my family, my friends has been amazing!

What else is different this time? Well, I’m really paying attention to what I eat and tracking it all. I splurge sometimes but try to make up for a splurge by a longer cardio workout.

Small Wins! For those that don’t know, I battle with high triglycerides. They are a form of cholesterol and  I need to watch how many carbs I eat. Recently my husband and I were out to dinner. This was NOT my scheduled cheat meal so I was on the hunt to find something within my range of healthy food items. I finally settled on a grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato. I really wanted that baked potato, so, I opted to not eat my bun with my sandwich. Instead I had grilled chicken and ate it with my fork and knife. I was really proud of myself then.

Exercise! It took me a little while longer to get back on the exercise bandwagon. But 2 fridays ago I said to myself, “Jenny, 30 minutes on the elliptical. That’s it. That’s all you need to do.” So, I went. And I did my 30 minutes and I felt great. So, I went back on Sunday and told myself, again, all I had to do was 30 minutes. Well, once I got to 30 minutes I said, I could do 15 more. So, I do a minimum of 30 minutes on the elliptical at a high intensity level, this sometimes turns into 45 or an hour. Then 3 days a week I do one of these areas, arms, legs or abs.

I’m really trying this time. I feel like I’m working harder and making better choices. I’ve got 16lbs to lose by April 18th and I think I can really do it this time. 

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Results of the DR appt….

I went to the DR this week and got my test results today. I was disappointed in myself when I got them.

I’ve got some work to do….

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
CHOLESTEROL 210 <200 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDE 249 35 – 160 mg/dL
Optimal testing for triglycerides should be performed following a 12 to 14 hour fast.
LDL 128 0 – 130 mg/dL
CHOL/HDL RATIO 6.6 1.9 – 4.2
LDL/HDL RATIO 4.0 1.0 – 4.0

So, I need to lower my triglycerides and bad cholesterol and raise my good cholesterol. I was really upset when I got the results. I literally sat and cried at my desk for a good half hour. My friend Lauren talked to me and helped me calm down.

After work I went and joined a gym, Planet Fitness. I’m going to be successful! I am going to go to the gym every day and I’m going to make a change. I can do this. I have 2 months before I need to go get lab work done again. 2 months to make a change for the better healthier life I want.

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Doing some research…

So, since I need to take my blood pressure readings and keep track of them. I looked up normal levels and etc. I was shocked to see how my blood pressure readings were classified before medication.

When I went to the DR the day I felt as though I was having heart palpitations my blood pressure was so high I could’ve had a stroke. I had NO idea it was that bad. That’s honest to goodness terrifying to think about! I commend my DR and their nurses for remaining calm and not letting me know the severity of it at the moment. I’m sure had it been life threatening they would have done something.

But, they did their best to calm me down. Took some tests and sent me on my way with a prescription. I hate to think what might have happened had I night had the mindset to call my DR’s office that day.

I’m trying to do better and I think I have been. I didn’t exercise yesterday but I did do a lot of other work (editing photos) that needed to be done. So, hopefully tonight I’ll exercise and suffer through the heat with my water in hand. Maybe I’ll just work out at home in front of the tv if it’s too bad.

I need to read articles every day to remind myself of what could happen if I don’t continue changing my bad habits. I need to get healthy, there is NO option.

And if it takes awhile I’m ok with it but I am going to keep on going and trying my best to get healthy.

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Good news!

Well, I had my Dr visit with the cardiovascular Dr last week.

All day long I was freaking out. Totally a nervous Nellie, jittery hands, no appetite, etc.

First of all, I get there and am surprised I didn’t start having heart palpitations or something from the exuberant cost of my “specialist” co-pay of $55.00. OH JOY! The nurse even commented on the large price tag.

Then, I get in there and she goes to take my blood pressure. I tell her, it’s going to be high because I’ve been freaking out all day. She takes it, and it seems rather quickly and then takes the cuff off and announces “110/72”  NURSE SAY WHA????!!!!

She puts the cuff on the right arm and announces “112/75”, I exclaim (in my head-of course) “SAY WHA! THAT’S NORMAL SHIT RIGHT?? RIGHT??” but really, I said, that’s normal right?”

She tells me that yes, in fact both my readings are at a perfect level. I am practically dancing with excitement until my Dr comes in. I can’t even imagine the hellish things I’m going to hear about having this invasive procedure that will no doubt make me cringe and cry like a baby when I receive the bill, even after my insurance were to pay their measley little amount.

So, DR comes in, asks about what led me to being in his office. I explain my high blood pressure issues and the one day it was SCARILY high and then medicine DR K has put me on and how I’m on weight watchers and trying to exercise and etc.

He then says “well, from what I can see your blood pressure is controlled with this medication. I see no reason to proceed with the procedure at this time providing you stay on the medication and remain having a normal blood pressure readings.”


So, no, I will not need that angiogram after all, BUT, I do need to start taking my blood pressure readings and keeping track of them. I’m definitely getting used to getting it taken and no longer freak out.

So, I’m trying harder now than I have been the past few months. I’ve got a wedding dress I need to look phenomenal in!

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Bad decisions apparently!

So, yesterday, I don’t know what happened but I ate a lot of bad food lol. It was so good but so unnecessary. I’m hoping for a better day today!

It won’t be as hot today so I plan to walk for 30 mins on my lunch and I plan to eat really good. Though I will have to go get something for lunch so I’m planning ahead and probably just going to buy myself a healthy choice and some fruit.

I need to stay focused. I can’t go to weight watchers AGAIN this weekend. I really need to go and sit and listen and get motivated again. I also need to remember why I’m losing weight. It’s not so I can look good (though that is an added bonus) but it’s so I can be HEALTHY!

I have high blood pressure (which may be the result of narrow arteries)

I have slightly higher than normal bad cholesterol and slightly low good cholesterol.

I need to lose weight to reduce my risk for heart disease. I need to remind myself of these things every day.

I will walk today. On my lunch and this evening and I will eat healthy foods. I know part of it is that we’re broke until my fiancee starts his job and we have little to no money to buy decent groceries. It’s very frustrating.

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Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t me.

The heart Doctor’s office just gave me a call. For those of you who don’t know/remember. My general doctor is referring me to a cardiologist because of the special case with my renal arteries and high blood pressure.

They just called to set an appointment and that’s great but a specialist DR co-pay is $55. And I can’t just spare $55 right now. I made the appointment for June 12th and she said she’d talk to the doctor and see if I need to come in sooner. I can feel my blood pressure rising since I talked to her. Not only am I nervous about the procedures I may need to get done but more than anything, I’m worried about money.

Our friends have just gotten married in Puerto Rico and are having a reception I refuse to miss on the 26th in Louisville, about 2 hours from home. This means we’d need a hotel for the night OR I have to drive home after the reception. I don’t drink so that’s not a big deal but it would be nice to sleep after a night of dancing. But, I may just have to suck it up and drive home afterwards. I need to buy our plane tickets to Mexico too.

I’m just really nervous and thinking about getting a second job, which I’m sure would just add to my stress. I’ll figure something out though. I just needed to vent and write and try to calm myself down.

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SO much going on…

I have a lot to say today, bear with me folks!

1st of all. As you all know I have had issues with my blood pressure. Without medication it has been too high for my doctor’s liking. SO, she sent me for an MRA, a scan of my arteries and etc. She called me yesterday with the results.
Most people have 2 renal arteries. One that goes to each kidney. I have 2 arteries that go to my left kidney and 3 arteries that go to my right kidney. The scan didn’t show her as much as she would like but she suspects that they are narrow and partly the reason for my high blood pressure. So now I have to go see a heart doctor (sounds so scary) and get a cardio angiagram, which is similar to an MRA except they will be injecting a dye into my veins for a better look at them. Then, if they decide my veins are too narrow I will need to have a surgery so they can put stints in my arteries to open them up to increase blood flow which would hopefully decrease my blood pressure to a normal level without medication.

I’m not looking forward to it. I think I’ll have to pay a few hundred for the MRA and the cardio angiagram is about $3800.00 after insurance. My health insurance deductible is $3000.00. So, this means I will have to pay $3000 this year. $3000 I don’t have. So, that’s another bill. How awesome. And if I have to have surgery I might as well do it all this year right? So, I’m a little frustrated/nervous about this.

I’m not even going to discuss how frustrating the home situation is (not EJ or anything). I’m really longing for our own place again. I want my own home to clean and decorate as I want. Soon enough though, it’ll happen. I know I just need to remain positive and be patient.

And weight wise. I’m about 4 pounds up I think. I’m going to weight watchers tomorrow for the first time in about a month. I did a little exercise the past 2 nights. I’m trying to get back into that routine of every night and I’m getting back to paying more attention to what I eat.

I’ll write more tomorrow after my weight watchers visit. I hope everyone has a good week!

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Finally got to weigh in….

And…I gained 3.4 pounds. Really not that bad. I can totally lose that again!

I tracked yesterday and partly on Saturday and Sunday. I plan to track the rest of the week as well.
I exercised for half an hour yesterday and hopefully an hour tonight.

All in all I feel pretty good the past couple days. I’m sure the 70 degree weather helps a lot. I am going to go and pick up a bathing suit today to ensure I have a cute and comfortable one for our weddingmoon in Mexico!

That’s all I have to report today. I do have a follow up DR appt on Friday so here’s to hoping my blood pressure has come down.

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Blood Pressure and Me.

My blood pressure has been slightly high for about 2 years or so now. Not terribly high but steadily slightly high.

I have been on a water pill which was supposed to help with my BP. It slightly did. Then when I went to the Dr on Friday afternoon my blood pressure was pretty high. I was freaking out and scared and didn’t like how I was feeling at all. My DR did and EKG to show me I was ok and an echocardiagram on Saturday morning. All is well.

She changed my blood pressure medication and told me she’d like me to quit my birth control because that could be making my blood pressure high.

She gave me the prescription for the new blood pressure medication and a note to take to my gyno about putting me on a non estrogen based birth control.

I felt pretty blah yesterday and was not feeling too awesome. This morning I got up and took my prescription in to get filled. After a few hours I felt better but had a slight headache and felt a little dizzy and tired. I read on the insert that came with the medicine and read that those are symptoms of starting the medicine. So, I’m hoping in a few days that will go away.

I did not take my birth control last night and plan to stay off of it until I go to the gyno next month for my annual appointment. I have to go back to the dr in 2 weeks for a check up.

It sucks that I’m going through this crap at 28 but maybe it’s  from the birth control for all I know. SO, I’ll see how it goes.

As far as my pop situation. I had one on Friday evening and it sucked lol. I had 3 yesterday while we were at a party with some friends. I have had none today. I’m doing good and reaching for water more often or some crystal light. I bought some gatorade while I was out today and needed something.

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m feeling through the week.


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Heart Palpitations or something????

I have decided to try to go without diet pop. I’ve been told by many people, and have read on my own, how bad it is and how it doesn’t help weight loss.

I’ve become very dependent on it. So, this week, we did not purchase ANY diet pop. We have water, tea and crystal light. Monday I only had maybe 4 ounces of pop and that was the last I had any.

So, starting yesterday I started feeling a fluterring or something, sometimes in my chest. Didn’t hurt just, felt weird. Yesterday I attributed it to caffeine withdrawl.

Today,  I was still feeling it and decided to have some caffeine. I still feel weird so I called my DR and they want me to come in at 4. Now, I’m even more freaked out and I have to meet with a new DR today and since I’m nervous I know my blood pressure is going to be high. I can feel it in my body. It’s like I feel how nervous I’m making myself and feel my blood freaking out inside of me. But I guess I’d rather be safe than sorry. And, I know I won’t feel ok until it stops or a professional tells me I’m ok. Preferably the latter.

In other news I feel pretty proud of myself for giving up pop (soda for you other folks). I’ve felt tired a few nights and a lack of want to exercise because I’ve been tired. I’ve also eaten something bad yesterday and today attributing to my not losing any weight this week. I know this is just even more reason to keep it up and continue losing weight, eating healthier to a healthier, long life.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.