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So, last Wednesday I woke up with a terrible cold. I was 100% stuffed up and was feeling the effects of post nasal drip and my mouth was so dry from having slept/breathe through my mouth all night.

I was miserable. None of the medicine I was taking was helping. I couldn’t taste my food, the pressure was terrible, it was not pleasant at all.

Thursday morning, no change – same amount of miserable.
Friday morning, no change – still ridiculously miserable.
Saturday morning, NO CHANGE – STILL MISERABLE!

I couldn’t take it. I called my DR. I went in fully knowing this could just be a cold and he could not help me. And that’s what happened. He did tell me the best medicine to buy for my cold and sent me on my way.

I stopped at Kroger to pick up the Mucinex-D from the pharmacy. It’s the expensive one with the stuff they make meth with. I also got some chicken soup, orange juice and reese peanut butter eggs because I wanted them. haha. I went home, made my soup and watched a movie and ate and napped.

Sunday was a little better. Not much, but, a little.
Monday was even better. Still much of the same but no pressure but coughing to help clear congestion.
This morning I’m really feeling the effects of the post nasal drip. I’m not as congested but still congested and I could really use a nap and it’s only 8:44. Although, I just took my Mucinex, that should wake me up soon. I hope.

So, due to being sick and going to the DR I did not go to weight watchers this week. But, I have not had much of an appetitie while being sick and weighed myself and I was down to 211! So, I’m hoping to keep this streak going.

My appetitie is back and I did so-so yesterday. I could’ve done a little better though.

Today I’m ready. I’ve got some oatmeal for breakfast. A veggie burger for lunch and dinner will be good as well.

I’m just hoping I can stay awake today…

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My butt hurts!

Yesterday I exercised. I worked out in front of the tv and did my usual walking, knee lifts and side to side steps. I also added in some lunges and butt lifts. I was going to exercise but I hurt too much tonight. I tracked my food for today and I went to the lady Dr today. I definitely gained some weight thanks to the super bowl.

I was very productive today though. I filed our taxes and cleaned the house a bit. I’m relaxing now and it feels good!

A short post but wanted to update!

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Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t me.

The heart Doctor’s office just gave me a call. For those of you who don’t know/remember. My general doctor is referring me to a cardiologist because of the special case with my renal arteries and high blood pressure.

They just called to set an appointment and that’s great but a specialist DR co-pay is $55. And I can’t just spare $55 right now. I made the appointment for June 12th and she said she’d talk to the doctor and see if I need to come in sooner. I can feel my blood pressure rising since I talked to her. Not only am I nervous about the procedures I may need to get done but more than anything, I’m worried about money.

Our friends have just gotten married in Puerto Rico and are having a reception I refuse to miss on the 26th in Louisville, about 2 hours from home. This means we’d need a hotel for the night OR I have to drive home after the reception. I don’t drink so that’s not a big deal but it would be nice to sleep after a night of dancing. But, I may just have to suck it up and drive home afterwards. I need to buy our plane tickets to Mexico too.

I’m just really nervous and thinking about getting a second job, which I’m sure would just add to my stress. I’ll figure something out though. I just needed to vent and write and try to calm myself down.

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SO much going on…

I have a lot to say today, bear with me folks!

1st of all. As you all know I have had issues with my blood pressure. Without medication it has been too high for my doctor’s liking. SO, she sent me for an MRA, a scan of my arteries and etc. She called me yesterday with the results.
Most people have 2 renal arteries. One that goes to each kidney. I have 2 arteries that go to my left kidney and 3 arteries that go to my right kidney. The scan didn’t show her as much as she would like but she suspects that they are narrow and partly the reason for my high blood pressure. So now I have to go see a heart doctor (sounds so scary) and get a cardio angiagram, which is similar to an MRA except they will be injecting a dye into my veins for a better look at them. Then, if they decide my veins are too narrow I will need to have a surgery so they can put stints in my arteries to open them up to increase blood flow which would hopefully decrease my blood pressure to a normal level without medication.

I’m not looking forward to it. I think I’ll have to pay a few hundred for the MRA and the cardio angiagram is about $3800.00 after insurance. My health insurance deductible is $3000.00. So, this means I will have to pay $3000 this year. $3000 I don’t have. So, that’s another bill. How awesome. And if I have to have surgery I might as well do it all this year right? So, I’m a little frustrated/nervous about this.

I’m not even going to discuss how frustrating the home situation is (not EJ or anything). I’m really longing for our own place again. I want my own home to clean and decorate as I want. Soon enough though, it’ll happen. I know I just need to remain positive and be patient.

And weight wise. I’m about 4 pounds up I think. I’m going to weight watchers tomorrow for the first time in about a month. I did a little exercise the past 2 nights. I’m trying to get back into that routine of every night and I’m getting back to paying more attention to what I eat.

I’ll write more tomorrow after my weight watchers visit. I hope everyone has a good week!

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Heart Palpitations or something????

I have decided to try to go without diet pop. I’ve been told by many people, and have read on my own, how bad it is and how it doesn’t help weight loss.

I’ve become very dependent on it. So, this week, we did not purchase ANY diet pop. We have water, tea and crystal light. Monday I only had maybe 4 ounces of pop and that was the last I had any.

So, starting yesterday I started feeling a fluterring or something, sometimes in my chest. Didn’t hurt just, felt weird. Yesterday I attributed it to caffeine withdrawl.

Today,  I was still feeling it and decided to have some caffeine. I still feel weird so I called my DR and they want me to come in at 4. Now, I’m even more freaked out and I have to meet with a new DR today and since I’m nervous I know my blood pressure is going to be high. I can feel it in my body. It’s like I feel how nervous I’m making myself and feel my blood freaking out inside of me. But I guess I’d rather be safe than sorry. And, I know I won’t feel ok until it stops or a professional tells me I’m ok. Preferably the latter.

In other news I feel pretty proud of myself for giving up pop (soda for you other folks). I’ve felt tired a few nights and a lack of want to exercise because I’ve been tired. I’ve also eaten something bad yesterday and today attributing to my not losing any weight this week. I know this is just even more reason to keep it up and continue losing weight, eating healthier to a healthier, long life.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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A positive DR visit today…hard work is paying off!

So, I had a DR appointment today to check all of my blood levels and to find out a new DR recommendation as my DR is moving on to be the Director of Wellness at Christ Hospital here in Cincinnati. I am so excited for her. This is a perfect role for her and I wish her well.

Anyways, so I had fasting blood work done and here are my comparisons.

Total Cholesterol – normal levels are between 125 – 200
November: 194
January: 188 – A small improvement but, an improvement none the less.

HDL Cholesterol AKA The GOOD Cholesterol. A good level is higher than 46
November: 24
January: 35 – Another improvement. Still needs improving though. I’ll get there.

LDL Cholesterol AKA The BAD Cholesterol. A good level is under 130.
November: 116
January: 116

Triglycerides. This is the amount of molecules of fat in the blood. Eating too many fried foods and not enough exercise. Good levels are under 150.
November: 556. Clearly that’s not good. We were worried and I was put on medication and told to watch what I ate and exercise a lot more.
January: 185. ALMOST THERE! I’ve been working hard, exercising more and really watching what I eat.

Total Cholesterol to HDL Ratio:
November: 8.1

And the one I HATE more than anything is my blood pressure.
November: 156/90
January 112/90 Still don’t like the bottom number but I do freak out, but it’s consistent so I just need to keep working and hopefully as more weight comes off that will continue to improve as well.

Weight loss, and exercise work. I’m living proof!!! I felt so good seeing these levels and the amount of improvement I have done since November.

It’s important to take control of your health. Get to know your Doctor. If you don’t like your Doctor, FIND ONE THAT YOU DO LIKE! My Doctor was a large part of my success. She was honest and straightforward but genuinely cared for my health. She was amazing.

My Doctor was so impressed that she asked me to look her up at her new job in 6 months so that I can maybe speak with some of her wellness groups. In her words “be the poster child for the programs!” I said yes, of course!

IN OTHER NEWS! That wedding I won is going to be AMAZING! We’re getting married this year! AHHHH! I’ve got to start saving for my dress and make a list of everything we need to take with us. They’re also going to be featuring us in a blog on their website!!!

Next week we will probably nail down the date. I’m going to work on creating a wedding website this weekend 🙂

I am having a GREAT week. I’m very excited to go to weight watchers in the morning and share my great health news! 🙂

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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Good news from the Doctor!!!

So, as most of you know I went this past Saturday to get some blood work done for my appointment this coming Friday.

Well, I got a phone call this afternoon from the nurse at my Doctor’s office. She was calling to inform me that my Doctor was very happy with my recent blood work and that it was MUCH better than last time.

I can’t wait to go to the DR this Friday to find out all the numbers.

I’m so happy, then I came home and ate a bunch of Hershey kisses – that I totally plan to sweat off at 10 while watching Teen Mom 2 this evening.

WOO! This hard work is paying off!!!!


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Gained a little, time to track again!

Well I went to weight watchers yesterday. The line was very line again but I did get to sit for maybe 10 minutes of my meeting. It was also a shortened meeting due to the grand opening of our new location. I didn’t stick around for that because I had to head on over to get my blood taken for my Doctor’s visit this Friday. *crossing my fingers my blood work improves*

I have been walking and exercising more and have lost 5 pounds since my last visit. I wish it was more but I hope she’ll be pleased with my progress.

I’m also hoping my blood pressure will be down. For those who don’t know I get all nervous and worked up before they take my blood pressure and we often have a hard time getting an accurate reading. They usually take it after the meeting with my Doctor and it goes down a little, so we’ll see how that goes.

I just finished tracking my food I ate yesterday and this morning. I didn’t do so good, but I tracked it all. So that’s a victory in my book. I have some good and pretty healthy dinners planned for the week. I need to pick up a few things to ensure I have decent lunches and snacks for the week.

I need to exercise this evening and I also get to see my niece, Joy. So I’m going to take my new camera over there and try to get some super cute shots of the peanut. 🙂

I hope everyone has a good week and stays focused. Everyday is a new day to start over. Just because one day was bad doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel for the whole week.

A gain isn’t the end of the world and you can work hard to get it back off, that’s my plan for the week.

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I am not having a good week.

While I am doing some good habits, I am falling back on old ways in others.

My dinner’s have been horrible all week for the most part. While they’re not unhealthy foods, I tend to eat more than needed at dinner. I might talk to my leader this week (if I can get to sit at the meeting this week) and ask what she thinks. I’ve also been snacking a lot before dinner as well as eating some junk.

So, I will gain this week and to be honest I’m not so happy. I know it’s a journey and it’s going to take time but I want results now! haha. But, I know that only I can make those results come to fruition.

I’m trying to think of ways to ensure I’m not starving when I get home, I typically won’t eat around 3:30 or 4 when I’m hungry because I think I’m going to be home in an hour or 2 and will eat dinner then, but that usually doesn’t happen. So, I need a plan.

So far my plan is:

  • I’m hoping to ask for some healthy filling lunch ideas at my meeting this week that are relatively cheap.
  • Keep exercising. Although I have been walking and exercising I haven’t done it everyday I should have, and you can’t lose weight if you don’t watch what you’re eating either.
  •  I need to pull out my paper tracker and keep it in my purse so I can write everything down.
  •  I also need to measure things again.
  •  I’m going to make a list of healthy snacks and lunch items to pick up for next week.

I have a doctor’s appointment next Friday and I was hoping I would’ve lost some more weight by then. But, if I can lost the 3 pounds I’ve put on this week, then I’ll be happy. It won’t be hard if I stick to plan. I need to get focused again because I know that’s my problem. I’m not focused and therefore not thinking and staying on plan. It’s difficult to always be thinking about it but I need to do it to reach my goal.