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So, last Wednesday I woke up with a terrible cold. I was 100% stuffed up and was feeling the effects of post nasal drip and my mouth was so dry from having slept/breathe through my mouth all night.

I was miserable. None of the medicine I was taking was helping. I couldn’t taste my food, the pressure was terrible, it was not pleasant at all.

Thursday morning, no change – same amount of miserable.
Friday morning, no change – still ridiculously miserable.
Saturday morning, NO CHANGE – STILL MISERABLE!

I couldn’t take it. I called my DR. I went in fully knowing this could just be a cold and he could not help me. And that’s what happened. He did tell me the best medicine to buy for my cold and sent me on my way.

I stopped at Kroger to pick up the Mucinex-D from the pharmacy. It’s the expensive one with the stuff they make meth with. I also got some chicken soup, orange juice and reese peanut butter eggs because I wanted them. haha. I went home, made my soup and watched a movie and ate and napped.

Sunday was a little better. Not much, but, a little.
Monday was even better. Still much of the same but no pressure but coughing to help clear congestion.
This morning I’m really feeling the effects of the post nasal drip. I’m not as congested but still congested and I could really use a nap and it’s only 8:44. Although, I just took my Mucinex, that should wake me up soon. I hope.

So, due to being sick and going to the DR I did not go to weight watchers this week. But, I have not had much of an appetitie while being sick and weighed myself and I was down to 211! So, I’m hoping to keep this streak going.

My appetitie is back and I did so-so yesterday. I could’ve done a little better though.

Today I’m ready. I’ve got some oatmeal for breakfast. A veggie burger for lunch and dinner will be good as well.

I’m just hoping I can stay awake today…

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Feeling good!

I’m back! Things are calmer and I want to keep on updating, and I’m back on track!
I feel really good and motivated and ready to keep on pushing.

Last night I went to the grocery store and picked up some lunch and breakfast things. A friend of mine who has recently lost a lot of weight (and looks phenomenal!) told me about a breakfast idea she did. I took it, added some things and made it my own!

I bought 2 containers of egg whites ($1.79 for 16 oz, kroger brand) and poured the serving size amount (1/4 cup) into a cupcake tin (that I had already sprayed with cooking spray so they won’t stick!). I added some green peppers, mushroom pieces, a bit of canadian bacon and a pinch of cheese, some salt and pepper and popped them in the oven for about 20 minuted at 300. They popped right out! I bought some 8 grain pita pockets to put the cooked egg white into and they’re great! 2 points for the pita pocket AND the egg whites! What a deal! And very filling.

This morning’s breakfast was the egg whites in a pita and some chai tea with soymilk. I’ve got a banana and an apple to help me out if I get hungry before lunch.

Lunch is tuna with tomatoes, lettuce and a pickle in a pita pocket (italian herb this time). Some yogurt with granola for later as well. I think I’m doing pretty well.
I think dinner will be baked potatoes with some sour cream and black bean and corn salsa for me and a side of broccoli and broccoli and cheese for the hubby!

I’ll exercise for 30 minutes while watching tv this evening and I hope to walk for 30 minutes on my lunch today as well.

I’m feeling really good and ready to get to my goal of 199 by Jan 1st.