I need some motivation..STAT!

I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately. No motivation, energy and etc. Though, I did hurt my back while I was in Buffalo and was in pain for awhile. After 3 chiropractor visits it’s manageable. I need to stretch it, ice it and see the chiropractor once again when I get my next paycheck.

Food wise. I’ve been doing ok. I have been eating some candy and haven’t been paying attention. I weighed myself this morning and I was 206. That’s up 4 pounds.

I’ve got weight watchers in the morning and I’m going to go, knowing I gained some weight but hoping to sit through the entire meeting and gain some motivation and re-focus. If anyone wants to chat/motivate let me know!

In non weight news my wedding dress has come in! It’s beautiful! It’s at my friends house, maybe if I could keep it at home it would be the ULTIMATE motivation! But I don’t want to keep it at home. So, I ordered a dress to wear while we’re in Mexico. Just a thin jersey knit dress to be comfy in on the beach and around the resort. I’ve been thinking of hanging it up where I will see it everyday when I go get dressed to remind me of Mexico! I also just thought of making some sort of a chain countdown for Mexico to keep me motivated. I’ll have to think of something to make.


On Plan, weight watchers

I gained, already? UGH

So, when I’m feeling good I often forget to track and pay attention to my food. And, I was in a really good mood this weekend and yesterday. I weighed myself this morning (I have to, it helps me stay motivated to keep going to see when I’ve done bad!) and I gained some weight back after such a good loss last week.

Where did I go wrong? I know what I did wrong, it’s not a question.

I didn’t plan ahead all weekend and just ate.
Yesterday, I ate a little too much for dinner. BUT, I did exercise on lunch and at home.

I’ve done well so far today and plan on measuring and really tracking my dinner. I also plan to dig out my 3 month tracker and use it the rest of the week and try planning ahead more often.

I hope to at least get back to where I was for my WW meeting by this week’s meeting.

I’ll see how much I gained tomorrow morning for sure.

In wedding news, I created a wedding blog for us, so, if you’re curious you can swing on over there and check it out. This way I don’t overload my healthy me blog with wedding stuff. haha.

Jenny and EJ’s Wedding Website!

My Health

I am not having a good week.

While I am doing some good habits, I am falling back on old ways in others.

My dinner’s have been horrible all week for the most part. While they’re not unhealthy foods, I tend to eat more than needed at dinner. I might talk to my leader this week (if I can get to sit at the meeting this week) and ask what she thinks. I’ve also been snacking a lot before dinner as well as eating some junk.

So, I will gain this week and to be honest I’m not so happy. I know it’s a journey and it’s going to take time but I want results now! haha. But, I know that only I can make those results come to fruition.

I’m trying to think of ways to ensure I’m not starving when I get home, I typically won’t eat around 3:30 or 4 when I’m hungry because I think I’m going to be home in an hour or 2 and will eat dinner then, but that usually doesn’t happen. So, I need a plan.

So far my plan is:

  • I’m hoping to ask for some healthy filling lunch ideas at my meeting this week that are relatively cheap.
  • Keep exercising. Although I have been walking and exercising I haven’t done it everyday I should have, and you can’t lose weight if you don’t watch what you’re eating either.
  •  I need to pull out my paper tracker and keep it in my purse so I can write everything down.
  •  I also need to measure things again.
  •  I’m going to make a list of healthy snacks and lunch items to pick up for next week.

I have a doctor’s appointment next Friday and I was hoping I would’ve lost some more weight by then. But, if I can lost the 3 pounds I’ve put on this week, then I’ll be happy. It won’t be hard if I stick to plan. I need to get focused again because I know that’s my problem. I’m not focused and therefore not thinking and staying on plan. It’s difficult to always be thinking about it but I need to do it to reach my goal.