Planning my weekend crafts….

Well, now that we have our own place and I’ve taped up the credit cards and put them away until we can put a nice chunk of change on them. The apartment is looking great! I promise to take some photos this weekend with my camera of everything. Especially since it’s a little messy at the moment.

I’ve been trying to incorporate several things into my daily routine: makeup, hair and moisturize. I’ve been really good about moisturizing but not so much using my eye moisturizer. I’ve been really bad at doing my hair before work. Then, I go to work and hate looking in the mirror because my hair looks so lifeless and limp and then I don’t have any makeup on and I look even worse!

Yesterday I did my hair and put makeup on, today too and wow! what a difference!
Here’s a photo of my without hair done or make up on:
382004_975855550925_1662417975_nAnd here’s one with makeup and hair done:2013-01-24_07_51_40


I found this wonderful blog and the woman has great tips and tricks for hair and makeup! It’s totally empowered me. Check it out:

In other news I am going to make a magazine holder for our bathroom this weekend so I’ve been searching the internet for ideas. I promise photos!

I’m also thinking of updating my banner and colors this weekend. I am excited but dread it at the same time. I’ll have tons of ideas and probably get frustrated because I can’t figure out how to do what I want to do.

In other news I bought some new hair products and am eager to use them in the morning!

Off to finish watching Glee!