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Things are finally dying down

We’ve had a lot of things to do within the past 2 months. February and March was jam packed with weekend trips, EJ’s birthday and more!

We’re finally at the point where we don’t have anything planned until May 26th, our friend’s wedding reception in Louisville. Then after that, nothing until my bridal shower on July 15th.

All of this means it’s been weeks since I’ve been to weight watchers as well. Not to mention, I haven’t been tracking.

So, today, I plan to try and start tracking. I know my week might be a little off but I need to jump back on the tracks!

I’ve had a banana so far and have a pack of oatmeal too.
Lunch I have some rice with onions, green peppers and smoked turkey sausage.
Snacks I have a yoplait light yogurt with granola, WW string cheese, strawberries and blackberries and pretzels if I want something else.

5 months until my wedding! I have until July to lose weight and then stay close to that weight because I’m taking my dress in for alterations in July. 🙂

In any case, wish me luck to get back on track! I’m going to need some support!

Oh yea, here’s one of our engagement photos 🙂 I can link you to more if you would like.

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Busy weeks.

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve weighed myself again with all the chaos we have going on right now.

I’m going to try my best to remember to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I also want to try and wake up at a better time than I have been lately. I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Eating good has been kind of difficult lately. We’re broke at the moment with all the stuff we have going on and so therefore I’m not always eating the best stuff possible for me.

I walked a lot this weekend and danced a lot at the concerts we went to so that’s good. I walked for 30 mins last night and then quit because I was so friggin tired. My allergies are terrible right now. So much for only having fall allergies.

I plan to exercise every night this week though and we’ll see what I weigh tomorrow morning.

I believe we’re having pork chops, couscous and veggies for dinner. I’m determined to watch my portion size tonight. Wish me luck.

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Slowly getting back on track!

I’ve been getting back on track. Eating pretty good and exercising more.

I need to find a different meeting to attend for the next few weeks. I have so much going on each Saturday for the next month or so that it’s necessary. I really enjoy the meetings and like the conversation and etc that goes on. So, I might attend one during the week after work for now.

Life is so busy and the weather is so nice I don’t want to be inside blogging lately. I apologize but have no fear I’m still trying hard every day! I’d love to reach my goal of 199 by March 31st! Let’s see how it goes! That’s like 6 pounds I believe! Maybe 7.


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Finally got to weigh in….

And…I gained 3.4 pounds. Really not that bad. I can totally lose that again!

I tracked yesterday and partly on Saturday and Sunday. I plan to track the rest of the week as well.
I exercised for half an hour yesterday and hopefully an hour tonight.

All in all I feel pretty good the past couple days. I’m sure the 70 degree weather helps a lot. I am going to go and pick up a bathing suit today to ensure I have a cute and comfortable one for our weddingmoon in Mexico!

That’s all I have to report today. I do have a follow up DR appt on Friday so here’s to hoping my blood pressure has come down.

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No weigh in for awhile. Need strength!

We didn’t have internet this past weekend forgive me for lack of an update!

We did go to Columbus for the evening though to visit some of our friends and the fiance had to DJ. So, I did not get to my usual Saturday morning WW meeting. I ate ok this weekend. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and still at 205.  That’s up 3 pounds from my last WW weigh in. It’s not bad, I know but it still sucks. I need to get to the grocery store to buy us some decent food! We don’t have much at home right now.

I also wanted an egg mcmuffin today and gave in to that. I need to walk on my lunch for sure and this evening.

We’re going to Buffalo, NY this weekend where I’m from and all of my family still is. EJ has to DJ there on Saturday so I get to see my family on Friday and Sunday for sure. I’m very excited to see my sister and her new puppy and home!

BUT I’m VERY nervous for eating. I feel like it’s near impossible to eat healthy there. I’m trying to make a plan so I don’t go overboard and either stay where I’m at OR hopefully lose a pound or 2 this week.

I hope to buy us some oatmeal for breakfast. Grab some yogurt for snacks and some fruit for us. Maybe even some lean cuisine’s for our lunches or some tuna sandwiches or something simple yet healthy and easy. That way dinner’s aren’t too bad for the day.

The following weekend is EJ’s birthday but I should still be able to hit up weigh in that day. So I have until then to turn things around.

Wish me luck!

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I ate a burger like you would not BELIEVE!

Last night the fiance and I went to this local quaint little beer/wine store. Now, I don’t drink but the fiance does so I’m the great amazing girl who goes with him!

Anywho, this food truck was going to be outside so we decided it would be our dinner. I had a very light lunch and breakfast yesterday to help offset the burger I was going to eat later.

I got the baddest burger I could get. It sounded SO good and I knew if I had it then I’d be happy and next time could be a little healthier with my food truck choice.

I got a 2/3lb double cheeseburger with bacon. Let me tell you it was the best damn burger I’ve ever put in my mouth. I scarfed it down. It was so amazing. I’d eat it again.

Anyways, like I said, I have gained a few pounds. This morning I was at 205. That’s 3 pounds up from last Saturday but I’m ok with it. I had oatmeal for breakfast, and my lunch is decent as well.

Greek yogurt, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots in a cheese sauce and my staple Big K Diet Cola. I’ve also got some baked cheetos, grapes and an orange if needed.

No weigh-in this week so I’ll be working hard to lose those 3 pounds again and maybe another pound or 2. We’ve been exercising nearly every night and I’ve been walking for 30 minutes on my lunch each day. It’s amazing how good you feel after exercising each day.

I’ve also accomplished 100 wall push-ups for the day so far! My arms will look awesome in that wedding dress if I have anything to say about it.

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So, somehow I always manage to eat bad on the weekend. I don’t know if I’m thinking “YEA, I did so good this week I’m going to celebrate.”

Then I got to work extra hard during the week to make up for it. I need to quit sabotaging myself and really learn to manage my weekends better.

I’m for real going to try hard this weekend. We’re going to Columbus on Friday for the fiance to DJ and visit some friends.  So, I will unfortunately miss weigh in this week so I need to make sure I do well the rest of the week and into the weekend.

I’m hoping to bring some food with us so I’m not tempted to eat bad. I really do need to pull out my 3 month tracker and use that again to keep me on track for the weekends.

Any other ideas/tips to keep me on track on the weekends?

I also ate a bad lunch. But, I did track it and I plan to exercise for an hour this evening. I’ll get back right? I’m too determined to let a weekend of cravings and bad choices get me down!

In other news, I am SO close to “one-derland!” aka 199 lbs! I want to have a party when I reach that haha. But I can’t! I need to save our money for things we need for the wedding and engagement photos and weekend trips we have approaching!

Like my cute dress for our engagement photos in April? (sorry the coloring is wonky. the lighting sucked)

I get to see my niece this evening and I am excited.

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VERY Successful week!!!

I had a great week! I was careful with what I ate.

My weekend wasn’t the best and I didn’t eat too good but I was good all week and watched what I ate and exercised nearly every day.

My weight loss this week: 3.4!

Total weight loss so far: 19.6!

Beginning weight: 221.8

Current weight: 202.2

My 10% goal is 199.8

I am SO close to that first goal.

I get to go home next month for a weekend and I can’t wait to see everyone. I wonder if they’ll be able to notice a difference?

Today I am going to exercise in a few minutes and then I don’t have anything planned until 5 when I have my wedding dress appointment! I can’t wait to go try on dresses and have some fun!

That’s all I got for now 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lost the weekend weight!

I woke up and weighed myself as I usually do and the scale said 207  (my scale is 2 pounds more than the WW scale) SO, I’m back to my weight I was last Saturday!

WOO! I’m very excited. I didn’t work out as hard yesterday but I did walk for 30 minutes on my lunch and walked for about 40 minutes last night. The house was hectic so I couldn’t do what I usually do but, it was better than nothing.

I’m starting to get to the point where I feel guilty if I don’t exercise and that’s an amazing feeling in and of itself. That’s my non scale victory of the week and I feel awesome about it.

I ate pretty good yesterday. My dinner only put me 1 point over my daily and then I had a bowl of multi grain peanut butter cheerios and my exercise paid for those!

So, I feel pretty awesome and on track today. My meal plan for today:

Breakfast: I had a pack of weight control banana bread oatmeal and some fruit with 1tbsp of fruit dip.
Lunch: I have a lean cuisine pizza. I think it’s about 10 points.
Snack: I brought carrots, yogurt and string cheese and have the trusty stash of pretzels at my desk. So, depending on what I want I should be good!
Dinner: We’re having tuna sandwiches and EJ always makes them so good. He puts some onion, red pepper and seasons it so well. I love it. And we bought a corn and black bean side and we’ll have that with it too. I should have a decent day.

I plan to walk for 30 minutes on my lunch again and exercise this evening as well.

Anxiously waiting for my wedding coordinator to call me between 11 and 12!


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It’s a new day….right?

I just need to keep reminding myself that it’s a new day and that just because I had a bad/good weekend. (Bad for food, but ultimately I felt awesome.)

I did have a great week last week and lost 3 lbs! That was awesome, but I was in such a good mood this weekend that I didn’t plan ahead for my food and I ate pretty bad.

I did go to the grocery store last night and come out with a very nice and healthy haul. Lots of frozen veggies, fruit, multi grain cheerios, yogurt, ww string cheese and more. We did really good. I made myself a good lunch for today and tomorrow. Though next time I need to make a little less rice. But still 9 points for a lot of awesome steamed broccoli, carrots, pea pods, about 1 cup of rice and some orange sauce. It was very tasty!

This weekend was fun though. I met up with my good friend Joey for some lunch at Olive Garden. I had all my daily and weekly points so I wasn’t worried. After lunch she and I made a trip over to David’s Bridal and I tried on some wedding dresses and I think I found one I reallly like. It looks awesome on me and is very beachy!

I would like to go back this weekend and try it on again and spend a little more time in it. I was very in and out this weekend and I need to spend a little more time in it and make sure it’s comfortable and I really like it. I’m going to make sure my hair is curled real nice and wear the flower I plan to wear in my hair and put some make up on and try to get the full effect!

I can’t wait!

Anyways, we’re having pork roast for dinner and I’m not sure what else. I should find out though.

And I did walk for 35 minutes on my lunch break. It’s a new day, every day. No need to give up the rest of the week right? RIGHT!