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The Dr visit that started this blog…

This was originally posted in November on my tumblr blog ( it’s still up so you can go see some of the things I’ve posted previously.

This is what prompted my blog, more dedication to losing weight and being healthy, and the fight to win!

The DR visit that essentially started this blog…

So, I had a DR visit on Tuesday and it wasn’t an easy one.

First of all the nurse calls my name and asks if we’re doing a pap smear, I said no, I have a gyno for that. She then says “OH, had I known you were pregnant I wouldn’t have asked.” OH WOW I’M PREGNANT! OH MAN WHAT NEWS! is what I was thinking. But I calmly said “Nope, I’m just a chunker.”

A chunker? I’m so weird sometimes. She proceeds to apologize and try to make me feel better. I let her know I get it quite a bit and I’m working on losing weight. All the while in my head I’m cursing and vowing to not wear anything other than the color black until I feel better about myself.

So, she goes to take my blood pressure and I have high blood pressure, not significantly high, but high enough consistently that my DR gets a little nervous about it. Part of it is I work myself up and it’s high because I’m nervous about it. Nothing I do can calm me down enough. So sure enough it’s high.

I then wait over an hour for my DR. She apologizes that it’s busy blah blah blah. Whatever.

She then tells me about my blood work we had done. She said my good cholesterol is low, my bad cholesterol is slightly high and my triglycerides are VERY high. She tells me what I need to do about my triglycerides and I take a mental note. Knowing this is stuff I need to do anyways, lose weight, exercise more and watch what I’m eating. And, to be honest I have been working on it. If it weren’t for weight watchers I wouldn’t have lost the weight I’ve already lost!

So I have a mini breakdown in the DR office. She talks me through it, tells me I need to exercise and use that as my time to think only about me. She’s right. She puts me on a medication for my triglycerides and I start that today. Twice a day right before meals. I’m nervous, I hate starting new medication. Side effects include an upset stomach. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

Needless to say I’m stressed at home, so is my fiance, so is the whole house. I need to watch what I eat more carefully and stop giving in to crappy food as much. I actually can’t wait to go to my weight watchers meeting this weekend.