Exercise, Motivation

Thanksgiving weekend left me feeling blah!

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving dinner was great. Grandma made an amazing dinner, I made some cheesecake (but didn’t eat much!) and Did really well! In fact, when i weighed myself on Friday morning I was pleased to see a loss!

But, then Friday we headed up to Columbus to visit with friends for the evening and Saturday.
We went to a famous hot dog place and I did eat too much. I didn’t eat very good the rest of the weekend. I also didn’t exercise. It was terrible.

I’ve spent the earlier part of the week trying to get back into the mentality of portions and watching what I ate. I didn’t do so well at some point each day but last night I exercised for an hour while watching tv.

This morning’s breakfast is good and I feel positive. Some chai tea with splenda, a peach yogurt and a banana. I’m wearing my pedometer and plan to take a 30-40 min walk on my lunch today. If it’s too cold for outside I’ll walk the halls! And I’ll exercise tonight watching some tv again.

I’m going to hop on the scale tomorrow morning and see how I’ve done. I’ve got weight watchers on Saturday so we’ll see how that goes.

Either way, I’m going to weight watchers and I’m going to sit in my meeting and be conscious and continue visualizing a happier, healthier me!



So, I have a great pedometer. It’s an Omron brand and counts my steps, miles, calories burned and aerobic steps. It needed a new battery so, I haven’t been wearing it lately.

My insurance company offers a program to earn points to buy things. I bought their pedometer. BUT it only counts steps, miles and calories burned. For some reason I really like seeing how many aerobic steps I’ve done since it’s usually my exercise for the day.

So, I took the battery out of that one and put it in the old Omron and it fit! haha. So, what I’m getting at is I’m wearing my pedometer again which totally motivates me to walk more to reach that 10,000 steps a day goal!

So, I’ll start trying to remember to post my steps and hopefully motivate someone else to get a pedometer and see how much they like it!

Also, my legs hurt today. I walked 2 miles slightly faster than normal yesterday on the track at the park and I can feel it today. It’s  the good burn, like you did something good for your body and health.

Have a great Thursday everyone!