A list of an update!

I have a lot on my mind so I made a list! Enjoy

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Photography Class!

I’ve always got SO much on my mind on Fridays that I can’t wait to share! But, writing about all of them in depth would result in a very long, annoying blog post. So here’s a list of things! Read More

FRIDAY! PLEASE be good to me!

I’m having a really rough week and I can’t wait to spend my Saturday doing whatever I want.
EJ is having a friend over tomorrow to play video games and play music. So, I’m going to do whatever I want. Currently that is: going to a photography meet-up tomorrow morning. I’m hoping the snow is planning on staying around so I can try for some pretty outdoor snow shots. I haven’t had the chance to really go out and play and take some good wintry photos. Read More


Greek chicken and red potatoes!

I made this awesome meal.

The awesome greek chicken and red potatoes I made for dinner last night and had leftovers for lunch!