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Relationships and making them work…my opinion

There are things I feel very passionate about and I wish I could fix everything!

There are many things I’ve learned that I wish I could impart onto my friends and family and truly have them hear what I’m saying and take it and use it in their daily life.

I’ve been with my husband since July 21, 2004. Yes, folks that is nearly 9 years. I know how to make a relationship work because I’ve done it (obviously with the help of my husband.) There are MANY things I’ve learned along the way.

  • Sometimes you need to leave him alone when he says “Leave me alone.” This is a hard one for me but I’m acknowledging it and I try my hardest to do this!
  • Communication, communication, communication. If you don’t talk and don’t voice your problems, your problems will always remain problems and things will never change.
  • Have fun. Life is tough and you need to remember to take time out and do something fun together once in awhile. It helps you enjoy each other and can help you re-focus your mind.
  • Be honest. Nothing is gained, only lost from the lack of honesty in a relationship.
  • Compromise. I married an only child who got nearly everything he wanted growing up. This has been an interesting one.
  • Spend time apart. It’s ok to want time away from your significant other, and it’s totally healthy. I love spending time with my friends and family on my own. I also love when he send me messages when I’m out telling me to be careful or have fun.
  • Find hobbies you enjoy together and alone. EJ and I love to travel, try new foods, go to the farmers market here, movies, concerts, parks and more. I love photography and crafting. EJ loves video games and djing. I support him and he supports me.
  • Did I mention communication? 🙂

Every relationship has its ups and downs. The key to weathering those ups and downs is how well you work together and how much you want your relationship to work. Being in a relationship is a full time job. You have to work to keep it strong and healthy and happy. I love my husband and we work together to continue our strong relationship. 533325_834830825605_1129066577_n