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End of another great weekend…

My weekend has come to an end. I always find myself prolonging Sunday night by staying up as late I can haha. I feel as though I made some progress this weekend though. I met with a local photographer about being an intern to gain some experience. She seemed to like me too, so, let’s hope she does want to have me around!

I did the usual house related items; clean, shop and laundry. I slept and relaxed too. A successful weekend if I do say so myself!

I didn’t exercise though so tomorrow that is a must. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a good day for me. I want to stay as motivated as I feel right now.

In other news we put up, I should say EJ put up, our focal piece for our bedroom wall. I’ll upload a picture tomorrow!

An uneventful post but it was a good weekend. Plus, the walking dead is back!